Aaaannd that's a wrap! We're in the last few hours of 2021, although I think for most of us time is a bizarre concept at this point... The past two years have morphed into one and I think back to this March and it feels like a decade ago! Who knows? My calendar says it's Dec. 31st, so here we are.

Our culture likes to celebrate the blank slate of a new Gregorian year. I think there are other more powerful energetic markers for this exercise, but Jan. 1st is widely accepted on the planet, so as a collective we do give it some 'juice' and can use it as one of many opportunities for new beginnings.

Traditionally the emphasis is on looking to the future and what we want to create over the coming 12 months: How we want to be, what goals we want to reach, what our "word of the year" is etc., but I find that folks rarely take time to review what has transpired. Especially when days are flying by like they have been with so much happening in such a condensed way, it's easy not to realize or even remember what you've done or accomplished or how you've grown and changed these past 12 months.

Skipping this step is not optional if you want to genuinely commit to your personal growth. It's a necessary part of getting your bearings and making sure you integrate all you've experienced since last December - and then form your new plan from a more grounded state of awareness.

So before you write down your New Years goals, resolutions or intentions, go back to your journals and calendars/datebooks, photo folder on your phone - any way that you can go month by month to jog your memory: How did you you use your time and energy in 2021? What new experiences did you have? Who did you meet, let go of or lose? What did you heal? What challenges did you overcome? What did you create?

And remember that the internal (mental, emotional, spiritual) stuff can be just as, if not more important than, anything that has manifested in your external world - and the only person that needs to know what you've moved through is YOU, so celebrate yourself! (BTW, I think you can take the whole month of January to do this if it's too much to handle right now - remember we have a Lunar New Year coming up Feb 1 ;) GO EASY ON YOURSELF and trust that you did the best you could.

I wanted to get this out to you early in case you have some time today to work (and yes it is a bit of work!) on it if you haven't already done so. And of course for a little inspiration and self-reflection, you might revisit some of the essays below in my annual PGG Year in Review ;)

Over the past couple years many of my PGG intro notes sort of became stand alone essays that I published on my Medium page - they have a slightly different flavor/structure than the original PGG essays (maybe?)....Either way, I hope they all help you think a little different and offer some positive and productive perspectives about what we are going through individually and collectively during these challenging times.

Also, a reminder that my PGG book with the first 5 years of essays is if finally up in a digital format which means you can read the PDF of Personal Growth Gab - The BOOK on a variety of digital devices that you can purchase on Amazon here. (Read the IG post about it here).

Today's PGG Video of the Week is a reminder to take your life seriously. This week's Instagram post reminds you what you are becoming, the world is becoming, and this bonus post about how we can all be lovers in 2022. And for today's PGG Vibe of the Week rock out and sing this song as a promise to yourself <3: Diana Ross' Ain't No Mountain High Enough.

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Wishing you Peace & Prosperity in all its many forms in 2022 and beyond!

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