Pasadena, Gulfport, St. Petersburg Neighbors Unite
PGSP Neighbors Unite has formed in opposition to the efforts by both Saint Petersburg and Blue Skies Community to change the Land Use and Zoning of Grace Connection Church with the intent to demolish the Church for an up to 9 story (72 feet) 94 unit complex, averaging 20 units per acre.

Please join PGSP Neighbors Unite to preserve our treasured Saint Petersburg single-family neighborhoods.
Grace Connection Church Neighbors and Supporters of preserving the Single-Family neighborhoods of Saint Petersburg

Feb. 11th, be at Sunshine Center by 1:30 PM (2:00 start time)
Voice your concerns regarding the application
submitted by Blue Skies Community for their high-density development.

Address is Sunshine Center, 330 5th St N, St.Petersburg, FL

To share the information on this Public Hearing, you may use this link:

Points to remember during our engagement with the city and other government agencies on this matter:

  • Can we win? YES! We met with lawyers and a political advocate and have formulated a multi-tier plan based on previous wins. #1 Stand up and be counted, be active, be present.
  • Our platform has not changed; first and foremost, we are against the destruction of a church to make way for a multi-story, multi-family complex, which is completely out of place considering the surrounding community of single-family homes. NO HIGH DENSITY REZONING!
  • Blue Skies Community has stated their intent is for 55+ community. Don’t fall for this. Same impacts to our community and environment. The City is trying to soften the public response.
  • Whenever you address our city officials please be respectful, they will be more receptive.
  • We are keeping our objections short and general.
  • Make your voice heard! Emails, letters, phone calls (short and general):
  • Send emails to each of the council members and state your objection.
  • Letters: Nothing has as much impact as a good ‘ol fashion letter. You can use the same format as email.

Constant Contact is our email platform.