PH Newsletter: Halloween Edition
"Some people are born for Halloween,
and some are just counting the days until Christmas."
-Stephen Graham Jones-
First Things First...
Help Us Welcome PH to 2018!

Now through the end of the month, we are "test-driving" a texting program that makes our landline office number (540-491-9558) equipped to send and receive texts. Try it out and, if it is important/time sensitive (ie. a work order), also email it for now until I feel confident that we have the kinks worked out. This is only for more casual messaging so please reserve confidential information for emails only. Let me know what you all think! Note: Texting capabilities won't change our hours of operation and after-hours emergency work orders still need to go through the answering service .
WiFi Is Now In The Lobby! 

Do you have work or studying to do
but need a change of scenery?

Come hang out in the lobby where USB compatible outlets are now available along the dividing wall and soon a charging station will be installed in the South Lobby round table. Also, don't forget the cabinet in the South Lobby has board games, puzzles and books to borrow as well!

Network Name: PH Lobby
Password: LobbyPH5
Bullitt Door Callbox

Did you know we have a callbox outside the door to Bullitt Ave? Do you actually know how it works???

Here's your crash course... Your guests would use the arrow buttons to find your apt # and last name (note: not all are in order) and push the "green phone" button. It calls whatever phone number you have on file. Once the call comes through, you answer and hit "9" and the door will unlock. You still have to come down to the lobby to escort them to your apartment but at least they are out of the weather! This is also a nice feature to have if you have your phone with you but forgot your prox card in the building. Any further questions, or if your phone number has changed since move-in, contact the office and I will be happy to update it in the callbox.
All Dressed Up and No Idea Where to Go???

Check out what's happening around
Downtown to celebrate Halloween!
Feeling Brave? Check Out The Meek's Manors' NEW Location...

One of the best haunted houses in the area is now just a couple blocks from us! The Meek's Manor is at 805 Norfolk Avenue this year. Click here to purchase regular tickets or upgrade to the more "interactive" VIP tickets that are also available... if you dare!
Have Plans But Still Need Costume Ideas?

"Dying" to figure out what to wear???

Here for some great ideas for those with serious Halloween talent...
These are some simpler ideas for the less ambitious folks...
Either way, we hope have a
great time and stay safe!
Frightfully Festive
Drink Ideas

Looking for a good witches' brew?

Take a "stab" at some of these spooky drink ideas to
celebrate the season!
Fun Folk Art Pumpkins

Since we love all things vintage here at The Patrick Henry , we found a vintage twist on decorating with "pumpkins" that you'll be able to reuse each year. Click to learn how to make your own and send us pics of how they turned out!
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