PHEN Celebrates Black History Month with Action

PHEN takes action towards making the

prostate cancer Crisis among Black men history...

February 6th - Participate in the Prairie View A&M University Ministers' Conference in Texas where PHEN's Church Partnership Educational Outreach Initiative will be presented.

February 9th through 28th - Conduct the Jackson Mississippi Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally's radio and social media awareness campaign.

February 15th - Host "Managing Survivorship" Prostate cancer educational webinar at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.

February 24th - Participate in the Emancipation Day Celebration Awards program where PHEN President Thomas Farrington will be recognized.

February 28th - Host the Disparity Rally's Town Hall Meeting in Jackson Mississippi at the Civil Rights Museum.

PHEN 2024 Programs and Initiatives

"We can beat prostate cancer with Knowledge and Action!"

-Thomas A. Farrington

PHEN President and Founder

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