PHEN Recognized For Its Impact On Shaping The Research Plan For The Upcoming USPSTF PSA Screening Recommendation

The U. S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing on Wednesday, November 30th, "Examining the U. S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)." The Task Force's 2012 recommendation against PSA screening was a topic of this hearing.

This is a video segment (click to view) of the hearing wherein the Task Force Chair,
Dr. Kirstin Bibbins-Domingo, commented on PHEN's impact on shaping the research plan that the Task Force is currently using to formulate an update of its recommendation. This segment also features  Dr. John H. Lynch , Georgetown University. Dr. Lynch comments outline his experience on the impact that the Task Force's 2012 recommendation against PSA screening is having on African American men.

PHEN's comments to the Task Force on the draft research plan was supported by members of the PHEN Survivor Network, church partners and the 100 Black Men of America. Dr. Lynch's comments emphasize the importance of our collective efforts in shaping the upcoming Task Force's recommendation so that it is responsive to the needs of African American and other prostate cancer high-risk men. Please be on stand-by to support PHEN's efforts to make comments and provide inputs to the D raft Task Force Recommendation which is anticipated within the next six months.

Thank you,
Thomas A. Farrington
PHEN President

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