PHEN Kicks-Off Its 2024 Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally in Jackson, Mississippi

Rally’s Town Hall Meeting to be held at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum


The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) is launching its first 2024 Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally in Jackson, MS, to be carried out during the month of February. The Rally will culminate with a hybrid (both in-person and online) town hall meeting on February 28th at the Mississippi Civil Rights museum.


The Disparity Rally uses radio and social media to raise prostate cancer awareness and knowledge to address the African American prostate cancer disparity which is the largest for any major cancer for men or women. Leaders within Jackson including clergy, elected officials, medical professionals and prostate cancer survivors are participating in the Rally by recording messages to be used for outreach to the public. Since the Rally was launched in 2021 it has reached more than 19 million people in 14 states and 24 cities, making it the broadest such effort focused on eliminating the prostate cancer racial disparity.


With a Black population of 80% of its total population, Jackson is recognized as the nation’s “Blackest” major city. There is a raging prostate cancer crisis in Jackson, and throughout Mississippi, afflicting Black men. This is part of the national crisis where Black men are diagnosed with a prostate cancer incidence rate more than 70% higher, and die at a rate more than 2 times that of white men. “We are excited to bring our Disparity Rally to Jackson Mississippi to kick-off this initiative for 2024, says PHEN President Thomas Farrington. “Engaging and mobilizing leaders and the public here in our ongoing fight against prostate cancer will save many lives, and this is our mission.”


PHEN has been actively involved in prostate cancer education and awareness efforts in Jackson through supporting its local PHEN ambassador, Mr. Jerry Knight. Mr. Knight is also the leader of the local prostate cancer support group, “You Are Not Alone.” He and his wife Connie are helping to lead the Jackson Disparity Rally.


About the Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally