Monthly Newsletter for February, 2018
Nature is our nature...
Brodhead Creek Still a Haven for Trout Fishermen
"People still think they need a club membership to cast a fly in the creek," Don Miller said. Thanks to preservation efforts of PHLT, Open Space, Stroud Township and others, there are now over 8 MILES of public fly fishing open to all of us. “When I was a kid, I resented the private clubs and a lot of other locals did. As time goes on, I realize they saved the resource for all of us. During the building boom we had in the Poconos, if those private clubs hadn’t guarded it for us all it would have all gone down the tubes,” Don Baylor said.
Read more . Want to find these 8 MILES of public fishing areas? View this map !
Learn how to tie a "Henryville Special"
Detailed instructions for tying a Henryville Special by tightlinevideo . The Henryville fly was created by Hiram Brobst in the 1930's and was christened on the Henryville section of Pennsylvania's Broadhead Creek. The Henryville is an adult caddis imitation and has been around for many years.

Watch the video here!
'Tis the Season ~
to recycle X-mas trees for wild trout habitat!
Chris Hartzler and Don Miller, both from PHLT, moved 100+ Christmas trees for reuse as wild trout habitat for stream work project on Cherry Creek. 

The Cherry Creek Wild Trout Habitat Restoration Project is at the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge ( formerly  Cherry Valley Golf Course ) .  The project is a USF&WS project in partnership with  Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Pocono Heritage Land Trust Stroud Township , has also helped by providing approximately 100 repurposed Christmas trees to be used for this project and Eagle Rest Cellars , a streamside neighbor will be providing an additional 50 evergreen trees for the project.

The trees will be bundled together and placed 
in the water along with large boulders
(donated by PHLT) to provide sheltered habitats for young wild trout and give protection from large overhead winged predators (bald eagles, ospreys, great blue herons, kingfishers, and mergansers).

Nice that they're being repurposed to help wildlife!
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Upcoming February/March Events:
Winter Snowshoe and Cross-Country Skiing at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve
  • Sunday, February 11 1:00pm - 4:00 pm
A guided snowshoeing tour will be one of the best things to do this winter if you are you looking for a scenic aerobic experience or just a peaceful walk in the woods. You will love snowshoeing, join us for some outdoor fun and fresh air ~ and some warm drinks! 
Click here for more information.
Full Moon Hike at Jonas Mountain Nature Preserve
  • Thursday, March 1 6:00pm - 8:00 pm
A Looking for an adventure? Come howl at the moon and explore our trails after dark! We welcome hikers of all ages and experience levels to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful PHLT' Jonas Mountain Nature Preserve!
Click here for more information.
Raven Walk at Kurmes Paradise Creek Preserve
  • Sunday, March 4 1:00pm - 4:00 pm
  • Don Miller, Naturalist
Want to learn more about Ravens, their habits and habitats and see them and their nest sites? Join well known local naturalist Don Miller for a Northern Raven exploration on the Kurmes Paradise Creek Preserve in Paradise Township. Be prepared for some late winter weather and bundle up.
Click here for more information on the hike or here for the story of the Ravens return to the Poconos!
Shinrin-Yoku Walk and Yoga at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve
  • Saturday, March 10 11:00am - 12:30 pm
  • Cindy Miano, Exec. Director/Yoga Instructor
Shinrin-Yoku, aka "Forest Bathing" has become a recognized stress reducer and form of relaxation in Japan and gaining popularity in the United States. Walk is one mile followed by a gentle stretching yoga class in nature.
Click here for more information.
Some feedback from PHLT's recent hiking event at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve:

"It was great! I really enjoyed Don's explanations and information about the history of the preserve and the plants and wildlife. I leaned quite a bit." ~ JD

"Don did a great job! Great Group!" ~ JH

"I really enjoyed the time spent with Don, it was like being in an outdoor classroom. So many things I learned about and experienced, a highlight being the praying mantis cocoon. I have been home for an hour and the tiredness is beginning to hit me, but it is a good tiredness." ~ KK
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