During this time of social/physical distancing due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, the warmth of caring phone calls from you will bring comfort and support to our Elder Friends at a time when extra kindness matters most. Thank you for volunteering to be an Elder Friend Phone Companion.


Let your Elder Friend know you are associated with Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly Phone Companions program.

Your Elder Friend may be anxious. Let them talk through their feelings. A listening ear may be the most valuable gift you can offer.

Diminished hearing may be an issue, so you may need to speak more clearly, slowly and louder.

If your Elder Friend has e-mail, ask if they would enjoy staying in touch there as well.

Let your Elder Friend know you will contact them on a regular basis, and find a time of day that suits you both. They will appreciate looking forward to hearing from you. If your Elder Friend is comfortable using technology, you can explore other platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

If the Elder Friend requests something other than your friendly phone call, please consider what other resources might be available to help.

If you have questions about how best to help, please reach out to your Team Leader.

Keep in mind your Elder Friend may not answer the phone immediately.

If you ever have concerns about your Elder Friend’s treatment or well-being, please contact your Team Lead.

Please practice good self-care and healthy boundaries.

In an emergency always call 911

If you have questions about community resources for elders contact
Senior Linkage Line: or call 1 800-333-2433 
Ask open-ended questions
Encourage gently
Express interest in and curiosity about the elder’s life and history, and be open to sharing from your own
Listen attentively
Family history/Ethnic roots
Childhood stories 
Memorable holidays and vacations 
Best jobs, first jobs 
Personal milestones/ Major life events
Longtime friends
Hobbies or pastimes
Personal fun facts 
Favorite musicians, artists, writers, movies, TV shows
Favorite historical figures
Current events
Celebrity news
Favorite movie stars
Memorable gifts
Elder Friends Visiting Companions is a program of Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly.