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Photo Organization

Part 2

September 2012


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Hello Everyone!


Last month we began our discussion about Photo Organization.  We talked about scheduling the time for organization, gathering all the photos into one place and sorting the photos into categories.  So, this month we go through our next steps.


As you go through this process, be patient with yourself and with the process.  These pictures did not show up overnight and will not get organized and in order overnight.  Take one step at a time and eventually you will get to the end of the process and you will reap the rewards of all your tenacity and hard work. 


Next month we are going to talk about what to do with VHS tapes, slides and photo negatives. 


Gathering up the supplies you need prior to getting started with this whole process is essential.   This will allow you to stay focused and not have to get up and down and get off task.
You need scissors, a trash can, boxes for sorting (can be photo boxes or Tupperware), acid free pens for labeling, sticky notes for temporarily labeling sorting boxes, something to drink -non-alcoholic would be best , a snack, music -if you work best with music going
and some envelopes for pictures that are being sent to other people.



Now that you have all your supplies ready and all your photos in an accessible place, it is time to sort and purge.


It is so important to begin with the end in mind. 

The end is when you can sit back and locate your photos easily or enjoy looking at your photos whenever you would like. 


As we talked about last month, you need to decide how you want to sort and categorize your pictures.  You may categorize by Event, by Year or by Person or a combination.  That is the beauty in get to decide what works for you!  No test, nobody looking over your shoulder, no right or wrong way.

How do you think and how would you go back and look for a photo?  That is how you want to sort them.


Now you have to decide that you are going to throw some pictures away.  I know I keep saying it, but throw some pictures away. 

The great photos will be lost in the masses if you are not diligent and determined to get rid of some pictures!!! 


How do you decide about what pictures to purge and what pictures to keep?

In a nutshell, the photos you keep should stir some kind of emotion or memory.  The important ones will tell a story and you want to look at them again.  The ones that you can let go of are duplicates or similar to what you already have, they are just not good photos (who wants an unflattering picture saved for all time??), you can't identify people in them or there are no emotions tied to the picture.


Cute idea alert!!!




If you would like to use some of your duplicates, this is an idea I found online!  Use your extra picture to indicate who a gift belongs to at Christmas.  A great use of extra pictures and a cute Christmas tag!!

         Now you have to decide the best way to save and store your photos. 
               Just remember, perfection is not the goal!!!
I will tell you the information you need to know about long time storage, because all the scrapbookers in America will be upset with me if I don't! 
However, prior to sharing that information I will tell you that if you are going to put this project off because you have to go out and buy all the perfect supplies, ignore what I am about to tell you and march on!  Just work with what you have at the moment and worry about long term storage later. When you are looking at the list below (Things to use when storing photographs) - just, for now, ignore the words acid free and use what you have or what you can easily acquire. The only exception, would be the acid free pen -if at all possible, purchase an acid free pen to label photos.
 The most important thing is getting them sorted and in a manageable order.
Things to avoid when storing photographs are:
Storing them in excessive heat, light or humidity
Storing them in magnetic albums
Storing them in envelopes, shoe boxes or dresser drawers
Using ballpoint pens to write on the back of the photos
Putting sticky notes on the front of photos
Using tape or rubber cement to put them in albums
Storing photos with newspaper
Things to use when storing photographs are:
Acid free photo boxes
Acid free envelopes
Acid free file folders
Acid free pens to write on the photos
Acid free photo albums
Acid free paper lining any envelopes, shoe boxes or dresser drawers
Do you see a pattern?  Acid-free is key to storing photos the best possible way you can. 
Acid free products can be purchased online, at craft stores or specialty scrapbook stores. 
You get to decide if you want to store your photos in photo boxes, in albums, in envelopes, in folders.  Just store them in a way that works for you and in your space.  It doesn't have to be pretty, it doesn't have to be perfect, and it doesn't have to look like you spent hours doing it! 
Remember, the goal is to get your photographs organized, easily accessible and easy to look at when you are ready to take a trip down memory lane!

I hope this information has proven to be helpful.  If you need any additional information or help with any of your organizational needs, give me a call.


Happy De-Cluttering!






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