Contact Photo Festival

With CONTACT coming to an end for the year, this is a good time to rush around and take in as many exhibits as possible. Some of them continue to run into the middle of June. You have to visit Stephen Bulger Gallery to see the work of the legendary Joel Meyerowitz a NYC photographer that pioneered the use of colour in street photography and the art genre in general. He's made an enormous contribution and any opportunity to see his work shouldn't be missed.
Sustaining Creative Flow:
Photography Beyond 

A reader asked me to talk about what really goes into my photography behind the scenes and beyond technique. Around the same time, one of my students asked me where my enthusiasm and passion for photography comes from. For me these two topics are intimately connected.

"the technical side 
of photography is the 
visible tip of the iceberg"

Although important there's more to photography than apertures, shutter speeds, lenses. More even than learning how to compose, how to see, how to produce series. All of this is necessary, for sure, but when it comes to creativity, storytelling and photo projects there is more than meets the eye and the technical side of photography is the visible tip of the iceberg.

"Traveling with my camera
 became a passion..."

Being a 'self taught' photographer meant that after getting my first serious camera, I photographed everything in sight. I had nobody to tell me what I should or shouldn't do. Eventually a few subjects became important to me; namely people and nature/landscape photography. I did theatre work, portraits, weddings, sports, and worked out in nature as often as possible. Traveling with my camera became a passion, since it offered adventure combined with a broad spectrum of subject matter including landscape work. This was my own way of 'going to school'. I was on fire.  Click here to read more

Shooting Along The Skywalk
©Michael O'Brien

Join Us At The 'Learning Lightroom' Workshop - June 25th!

Thanks to feedback from people the workshop is now 5 hrs. long and the early registration discount  applies until Saturday June 11, 2016.
This workshop is the first of an ongoing series that explores photography and the creative process. Although connected by theme, each workshop is complete and stands alone. This one is for Adobe Lightroom users  who know the basics and want to explore more creative solutions when using Lightroom to finesse their photos. Techniques will be taught in the context of developing artistic approaches to using Adobe Lightroom.  Feedback from readers indicates that people want to be shown more than technique - they want to be shown how to use these tools artistically so they can polish their photographs into gems and develop their style.

Please join us at noon on Saturday, June 25th, 2016.  Click on the button below f or a detailed description of  the workshop, along with pricing and registration details. Enrollment is limited to 8 people and will fill up quickly - so get your spot now!

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