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    PI Email Alert -  Feb. 3, 2017
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Shawn Steel PI Survey RESULTS:
Personal Injury Reports

Q1. Do you PERSONALLY write PI reports?
> Yes -  79.07%
> No - 9.30%
> More than half, but not all reports - 4.65%
> Less than half, but do not write some reports - 6.98%

Q2. Do you think PI reports are too time consuming & do not add much value?
Yes - 37.21%
> No - 62.79%

Q3. What percentage of attorneys appreciate your reports?
> 0 - 25% -  26.91%
> 26 -  50% -  16.67%
> 51 -  75% - 28.57%
> 76 - 100% -  28.57%

Q4. How important do you believe your report is for your PI case?

> Not Important- 4.65%

> It is absolutely important - 51.16%

> More than 50% of the time - 27.91%

> Less than 50% of the time -


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Denial of Payment for Neuro-Muscular Re-Education Code 97112
We consulted master billing expert Sam Collins for his thoughts.
The Issue:
Insurance carriers claim they will not pay for neuro-muscular re-education [NMR] since there is "no serious brain or nerve injury".
The Answer:
Collins reports 97112 is a "trick service".  97112 is intended to 'restore balance, coordination, muscular weakness as a result of cerebral dysfunction'.
97112 there must be a demonstrated loss of one of these symptoms. This code often confuses many providers who assume the simple use of the balance ball, etc., makes the exercise NMR, 97112 should be appropriate. Collins says that 97110 is more appropriate as the goal is more about specific strength, flexibility and endurance and not as much balance and coordination.
Note that 97112 and 97110 have the same value.
Collins recommends using the 97110 for sprains and strains. Otherwise, 97112 is usually justified to make the NMR intended for patients with significant neuro loss such as stroke, etc.

To get a copy of Sam's explanation contact  [email protected].

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Long Beach District & DDL
Wednesday, March 15 2017

All doctors are welcome to join us

Beware of the Common Fund Doctrine Used to Cut Your Fees
We thought the beast was dead. But like Frankenstein, the CFD has returned from its grave. Some unscrupulous PI attorneys are using this legal fiction [Fake News?] to radically cut DC fees.
Dr. Gary Lewkovich tackles this 10-year battle. Once again, as I explained in an article published by Dynamic Chiropractic, chiropractic PI liens are secure against this legal challenge by PI attorneys. They will usually back down.
Dr. Gary drafted an updated letter to contradict the attorneys' ploy. For a copy of your counter-punch letter contact  [email protected].