Community members from CNMI use their new NCD baseline data to identify priorities and plan for action.

CNMI successfully completed its first ever NCD adult population-based survey this year, and now has baseline data.  On October 24-25, an NCD Data Dissemination Workshop was held in CNMI. 

The purpose of this workshop was to introduce community members and stakeholders to the new data available in CNMI, and work with these individuals to use these data to identify key priorities and plan for action.  The final report on the survey findings will soon be available publicly. 

This was the first pilot “hybrid” survey conducted in the USAPIs.  Multiple agencies within CNMI, as well as external domestic and international partners worked together to develop a hybrid survey tool that met CNMI’s chronic disease and risk factor data reporting needs. 

This project was led by Becky Robles (NCD Bureau Administrator) and Amber Mendiola (Diabetes Coordinator) from the CNMI Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation.  Technical Assistance was provided by Dr. Haley Cash, PIHOA’s NCD Regional Epidemiologist.