Planning your Pilates course
Follow this  link to our website for information on all our courses. And please don't forget to pass the details on to all your friends and family.
Course structure
All our courses have a duration of six weeks and in order to give some latitude to take into account annual holidays etc we allow a minimum of four weeks to be booked. Unless there are unusual circumstances, and bearing in mind we charge no membership fees, we regret that we must insist on this. Please remember, though, that should any of your course sessions be inconvenient you may swap them for a session on a similar level course. Simply email the office in order to arrange the swap.
Our courses reflect a progressive structure:-
    1. Beginners
    2. Improvers
    3. Intermediate
    4. Advanced
We very much welcome students who wish to progress to the next level. 
Marcia's Mouthwatering M armalade
Marcia's Thick Cut Seville Orange Marmalade is once again available, and contributions are invited at £2.50 per jar or more if you wish. All proceeds go to Breast Cancer Now.
Relax and Recharge Monthly Yoga Workshop
The next dates for this workshop with Claudia are:-
  1. Sunday 23rd February 
  2. Sunday 22nd March

Contact Claudia for details on 0797 312 2322



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Marcia (M): 0778 900 3284