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• A Message from the President

• 2022 Year in Review

• 2023-2027 Strategic Plan

• WLS: Two Perspectives

• Renew your Membership

• Local Firms Take Home AIA VA Awards

• ARE Prep Instructors Needed

• Professional Practice

• 2023 AIA Leadership Summit

• Membership Update

• Annual Sponsors

2022 Year in Review

Photos Courtesy of 2022 Committee Members

Issue 4 | 2022

From the President: Sonia R. Jarboe, AIA

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A Fond Farewell

As we wrap up 2022 and look forward to 2023, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that has happened during my presidency. When the year started, we were still unclear what was going on with the COVID Pandemic and how/when people would feel comfortable returning to getting together. I am glad we were able to start seeing each other in person again, whether through the roaming happy hours, Design Awards, Autumn Social or through meetings and construction tours. It was wonderful to see everyone face to face once more.  

We also got a lot accomplished this year. This year we were able to increase our non-dues revenue and had a slight uptick in membership numbers from 2021. We had our biggest Design Awards Gala in history. We also completed our first year with our new Executive Director and created a new 5-year strategic plan. WIA resurrected our 360 Mentoring program as a collaborative effort with AIA DC and AIA Potomac Valley. Another similar collaboration with AIA DC and PV, the Interschool Student Design Competition, was held in person for the first time in a couple years and also added the People’s Choice Award to the program. While we anticipated a slight budget deficit for 2022, projections show that deficit being minimal.

We could not have done all these things without our wonderful and dedicated staff, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, volunteers and members. Thank you all for all of your hard work and dedication over the year. It is members like you that make this chapter the best in the country. It has been an honor to serve as your president throughout 2022.  

However, the end of one year is just the beginning of the next. I am passing the torch on to our President-Elect April Drake, AIA, who has many great ideas for the future direction of the chapter. I look forward to helping her in any way that I can. Thank you all for a truly memorable year and wish for you all a wonderful holiday season surrounded by friends, family and loved ones.

2022 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Sonia R. Jarboe, AIA


April C. Drake, AIA


Braden L. Field, AIA


Christopher S. Kehde, AIA


Manoj V. Dalaya, FAIA

Past President


Meredith L. Ellinger, AIA

Yuhui G. (Grace) Gan, AIA

Roland G. Lemke, AIA

Joshua A.W. McKenrick, AIA

Rebecca W. Mezny, AIA

Simone Saidel, AIA

James W. (Jay) Scruggs, Jr., AIA

Charles J. Todd, AIA

Anh Tran, Assoc. AIA

AIA Virginia Directors

James W. (Jay) Scruggs, Jr., AIA

Stephen R. Wakeman, AIA

2022 Year in Review

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Despite the impact from the pandemic, 2022 was a busy year for AIA Northern Virginia Members and Chapter Staff. As it comes to an end, here's a look back at some of this year's highlights. For those of you who were able to participate, thank you for your time and commitment. To those we did not see this year, please reach out, we'd love to see and hear from you in the New Year!

A Closer Look at 2022 Membership & Committees

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AIA Northern Virginia is one of the 20 largest AIA local components in the country with 1192 members as of Dec. 1. 2022. Geographically, it encompasses 25 cities and counties within the Commonwealth. AIA NoVA members live and/or work in a variety of diverse settings: urban, suburban, and rural locations within the Chapter’s boundaries. Here is a look at who our chapter membership is, and the variety of interest groups you can join.  

AIA NoVA's 2023-2037 Strategic Plan

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In 2022, the AIA Northern Virginia Executive Committee took part in a strategic planning retreat spanning two days. During this time, they reviewed and analyzed several different data sets and research including, a 10-year look at membership demographics, a 5-year analysis of the chapter’s financials, member survey results on programming, benefits and satisfaction, and overall market conditions in the past 10 years. In addition, they reviewed the current AIA National and AIA Virginia strategic plans and evaluated the strength and progress made fulfilling goals in the 2018-2022 AIA Northern Virginia Strategic Plan. 

The purpose of this five-year strategic plan is to set overall goals for AIA Northern Virginia to transition from an event-based organization to an impact-based organization – enacting positive change through design innovation and improving the communities in our region through design excellence.


Elevate the value of architecture in our community to advance the quality of the built environment.


AIA Northern Virginia activates the region's architecture community by supporting our members, advocating for the profession, and amplifying the power of design.

Core Values

Cultivate | Serve | Engage | Connect | Promote 

Now more than ever, the collective voice of architects is essential for designing a better future for our local communities, country, and planet. As natural facilitators and problem-solvers, architects can help create a better, stronger, and more equitable society with sustainable communities for all.

Womens' Leadership Summit 2022: Two Perspectives

Earlier this year, two members with ties to AIA NoVA’s own Women In Architecture Committee (WIA) attended the WLS conference in California. Read on to learn more about their experiences, thoughts and post-conference impressions of their time spent at the meeting.  

Perspective One

By Anna Barbour, AIA, WIA Co-Chair

After a three-year hiatus, the Women’s Leadership Summit re-emerged in San Jose, California, hosted by the AIA Silicone Valley Chapter. Attended by 750 participants, this was the largest gathering of women architects I have joined. Having participated in previous summits which had 400 (in 2017, hosted by our own AIA Northern Virginia WIA committee) and 700 women (in 2019, hosted by AIA Minneapolis), I am reinvigorated and motivated by fellow female colleagues who are just "doing the work".  

I attended the WLS in San Jose with my 16 other cohorts from the inaugural group of Next to Lead. Initiated by a 2018-member resolution, the AIA developed the Next to Lead to identify and amplify ethnically diverse women for leadership roles in the AIA. After a year of virtual evening sessions including strengths identification, ethics and board service, and conversations with the national executive committee, the visionaries were invited to attend WLS and volunteer time in support of the event.

Women In Architecture, our local WIA group was invited to participate in presentations highlighting national WIA Chapters, alongside international groups as well. We submitted three boards showcasing our robust WIA committee; our 30 x 30 program, which highlights 30 architectural and design professionals during Women’s month; and our role as the 2017 WLS host chapter.

All mainstage sessions occurred in the theater of San Jose Center for the Performing Arts. This allowed for a large crowd to enjoy intimate conversations of presenters and speakers but lacked the ability to have interim conversations in a banquet seating style venue as previous locations had permitted. Along with amazing weather, fantastic tours bookended the Summit, including Silicone Valley Tech Campus and Stanford Innovation and cities like Monterey, Oakland and Berkeley. 

Being surrounded by so many female architects filled me with a great sense of belonging which enveloped me, as the question was posed to the participants “What Does Belonging Mean to you?” To me, Belonging, is being authentic to myself and accepted for who I am. This narrative has been supported and enhanced by my Next To Lead scholars, who are now more than just colleagues, but who I consider a tribe of lifelong supporters.

Perspective Two

By Rebecca Pantschyschak, AIA, WIA Past Chair

As a DINK (dual income, no kids) woman attending the WLS for the first time, 7.5 years post-grad and having almost completed one of the most iconic projects I'll probably ever work on, I'm not quite sure what my hopes for WLS were. As a Past Chair of the Women in Architecture committee and a 2023 AIA NoVA Board Director, I was excited about networking with other women architects from across the country, learning new leadership skills, and was ready for some female comradery. I was not surprised that the content of WLS primarily focused on the two current major objectives of the AIA: climate change and DEI.

However, I was not anticipating the conference to so intimately speak to some of the deepest struggles I have with a career in architecture: staying in the profession with kids, and chronic stress/burnout. I was encouraged by my peers' demands that we push women’s equality forward, their advice to "stay the course" through the mid-career season of life, and their brutally honest discussion about how to change the idiotic amount of stress we put on ourselves.

To that end, here are some of the quotes and ideas that stuck with me:

• “Don’t give up on the profession, we need you.” - Lakisha Woods, AIA Vice President and CEO

• “What is our truth and how can we speak it loud and clear?” - Zainab Salbi, opening Keynote speaker, founder of Women to Women International

• The word “irreducibles," meaning design intent ideas we will not compromise on – Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang

• On Mental health: how can we not just survive, but thrive? If you are thriving you are: engaged, confident, on time, meet deadlines

• What Gen Z is expecting as they enter the workforce: Full support for mental health, brutal honesty in our values, they will work hard but reject "hustling" just to earn our respect, the weight of climate change is heavy on their shoulders and we have to help.

• The progression to burnout: Stress > Chronic Stress > Burnout

• “Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.” - Lona Rerick, ZGF; on selecting climate-friendly materials

• Don't forget that every decision you make on a project relates back to Climate Action. We often forget this.

• “You need to be the kind of person that people want to follow.” - Janet Tam, FAIA; Noll & Tam Architects

• Speak up for other women. Always.

If you are intrigued by the any of the above and want to get involved with WLS 2023, you can volunteer as an advisor. Past WLS attendance is a benefit. Applicants can apply online. Deadline: Midnight EST, Dec. 16, 2022. 

NoVA Member & Program Headlines

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Chapter Requesting Additional Volunteer ARE® Prep Teachers

Every January, the Chapter begins its highly regarded ARE® Prep training for emerging professionals who are seeking licensure. Testing topics are: Project Management; Practice Management; Programming and Analysis; Project Planning and Design; Project Development and Documentation; and Construction and Evaluation. The Chapter is trying to deepen our stable of ARE® Prep course teachers, so whether you have recently passed your exams or took them years ago, if you are willing to teach one or more test topics, reach out via email with any questions you might have about teaching a future class session.

Calling Students:

2023 CRIT Scholar Research Grants   

Applications Due Dec. 30

AIAS and AIA are seeking applicants for the 2023 CRIT Scholar research program. If selected, CRIT Scholars receive a $1,000 grant towards their research along with a professional mentor in their area of research. Proposals in various stages will be reviewed. Students should be AIAS members. Apply Now.

Season of Charitable Giving

As the year begins to draw to a close, the season of charitable giving begins. AIA Northern Virginia has numerous opportunities to which you can direct your donations. Our chapter has a 501(c)(3) fund for charitable contributions to help support scholarships and public outreach programs. The fund is managed by the Virginia Foundation for Architecture under a fiscal agreement with our chapter and allows individuals to make tax-deductible contributions towards specific chapter programs. Funds can be directed toward one of two options: 

AIA Northern Virginia Community Outreach Fund

This option offers both a public outreach choice and an undesignated selection which permits the Chapter to direct the funds toward where the monies are most needed.  

Past Presidents and Fellows Scholarship

Awarded as funds allow, this is a minority-directed scholarship that aims to support diversity and inclusion among students pursuing architecture as a career by helping to cultivate the future of the architecture profession. Anyone can contribute, including Past Presidents and Fellows. 

Contributions to the fund are by check, made out to ‘The Virginia Foundation for Architecture, Inc.’ Funds may be directed toward a particular usage preference via the memo line, for example, ‘scholarships,’ ‘public outreach,’ or remain undesignated toward the general fund, which permits the funds to be applied where need is the greatest. Remember to include your name and address to receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes from the Foundation.

Please mail your check to: 

The Virginia Foundation for Architecture, Inc. 

Attn: Sharon Aponte 

2501 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220 

NoVA Firms Receive Several

2022 AIA Virginia Design Awards

Members won in a variety of categories, including general Architecture, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Residential Design and Small Projects categories. While congratulations go out to all those rewarded by the jury, AIA NoVA would like to highlight our local winners, including: 

Awards of Honor

• Architecture: Arthur J. Altmeyer Social Security Administration Building, submitted by HGA

• Architecture: Capital One Hall, submitted by HGA

• Architecture: R|refuge, submitted by Page/

• Historic Preservation: Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall, submitted by Quinn Evans

• Interior Design: Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, submitted by OTJ Architects

• Residential Design: StoryBoard,

submitted by KUBE architecture

Awards of Merit

• Architecture: AC Hotel by Marriott,

submitted by WDG Architecture 

• Architecture: VCU Health, Adult Outpatient Pavilion,

submitted by HDR

• Interior Design: Bill Richards Center for Healing,

submitted by Gensler 

• Small Projects: Studio 6420,

submitted by Robert M. Gurney, FAIA, Architect 

Comment Now on the Residential 2024 IECC Update

The 2024 draft Residential International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is now out for public comment. A 45-day review period for the 2024 Residential IECC is underway, with interested stakeholders invited to weigh in through Dec. 16, 2022 and to submit comments through cdpACCESS on the code language that jurisdictions will depend on for their next code cycle. Learn more.

2022 Emerging Leaders in Architecture Project Presentation

On Demand

Last month, during Architecture Exchange East, the 2022 class of Emerging Leaders in Architecture (ELA) presented their project which focused on solutions for the Belmont-Fallon community in Roanoke.

If you missed it, there is still a chance to watch it online. View it now.

ArchEx Credits and Survey

Open Now

All credits for ArchEx have been reported to member transcripts. Please check your transcript for accuracy and let AIA VA know if you forgot to sign into any of your sessions. If you haven’t shared your feedback yet, please fill out this survey to let us know how we can improve next year.

Online Safety-Assessment Program (SAP) Training

Feb. 24, 8:30am - 3:30pm

Provided by AIA Virginia, post-disaster Safety-Assessment Program (SAP) training provides architects, engineers, and building inspectors with the knowledge to provide evaluations of facilities and buildings in the aftermath of a disaster. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to consistently and safely assess structures for habitability and attendees will receive a nationally recognized Cal OES registration ID card from the state of California. You will need to purchase 2 Field manuals for this class. Virtual. 6.5 AIA LU|HSW. Cost: $105 AIA members; $180 non-members. Learn More


Do you have news to share with the AIA Northern Virginia Community? Complete this form to have your announcements included in an upcoming chapter publication.

Show Us Your Work!

We are always looking for projects to celebrate and publish. There are three sections to showcase our members’ work: On the Boards - Featured Projects - Sketches. Complete this form or email your materials to aianova@aianova.org to be featured in an upcoming AIA Northern Virginia e-publication.

Professional Practice

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Call for Volunteers: 2023 Women’s Leadership Summit Advisory Group

AIA National is looking for women members from across the country to serve as advisors for WLS 2023, an annual, signature event focused on women empowering women through leadership, knowledge, and community. Volunteers will offer expertise, perspective, and advice that will assist AIA National as the programming for the Summit is developed. Participants in the group should represent diverse geographic, racial, ethnic, career stage, and firm size backgrounds. Past WLS attendance is a benefit. Applicants can apply online. The deadline for applications is December 16, 2022, midnight EST.

The AIA Leadership Summit 2023 (formerly Grassroots)

The name for the former AIA Grassroots Leadership Event has been rebranded to reflect the event’s purpose and target audience—our leaders. The new name is The AIA Leadership Summit.

The event officially starts on Tuesday, Feb.14 at 2pm and ends on Friday, Feb.17 by 12pm at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C. The hotel rate is $269 per night plus taxes of $14.95% at this time. Registration now.

Get Your ‘Firm Survey Report’

The AIA Firm Survey Report is the only report that covers the full complexity of firms that power the architecture and design profession. With data from more than 500 firms, this essential resource includes metrics to measure practice, evaluate performance, and set strategy. You’ll discover trends in firm billings and finances, construction sectors served, international work, and practice and technology. See how your firm compares—the 2022 edition is free for AIA members. Learn More.

America ByDesign: Architecture, a Six-Part Series on CBS

AIA continues to highlight and advance the work of architects. During conversations with members this year, many shared the importance of AIA promoting the value of architects to a larger audience. AIA recently engaged with America By Design: Architecture, a six-part series on CBS promoting American architectural innovation, ingenuity, and design excellence. All architects highlighted in the shows are AIA members. We were pleased to participate in this opportunity through the power of partnership and collaboration without cost to AIA. The series started Saturday, Nov. 12 at 7:00pm ET with new episodes every week.

Amber Book Subscription Discount

AIA Virginia offers 25 associate members of AIA Virginia a 60-day subscription to the Amber Book for only $50.

To qualify for the discount subscription:

• You must be an Assoc. AIA Virginia member in good standing.

• The Amber Book will only be accessible for a two-month period.

• You must sign an agreement that states you will register for all of your ARE® exams within 30 days of when your Amber Book subscription ends.

• Send AIA Virginia a screenshot proving you have registered for all of your exams.

• Let AIA Virginia know how many exams you pass on your first shot.

Once you sign-up and submit your payment the subscription code will be sent and your 60-day subscription will begin.

Membership Update

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Renew Your 2023 AIA Membership NOW!

You can renew your membership online or call AIA National at (800) 242-3837. Be sure to have your AIA number available so that you can easily complete the transaction. A payment plan is also available to assist you with the renewal. 

If you are facing difficulty paying your membership, please contact Lorin Boswell so that your unique situation can be discussed and a solution can be achieved. Don’t wait! Reach out today! 

Update your Personal Member Page

As the end of 2022 rapidly approaches, please take a moment to visit your own personal AIA profile link to update and verify that the information that you have previously submitted is still current. Please review your profile and verify your email address(es), plus Education, Licensure, Demographic, Career information and Interest Areas, to be sure all continue to reflect your experience. This is the best way that the Institute can continue to grow to meet and exceed the needs of its members. 

Please share the above link with your friends and colleagues who are also AIA members so that their AIA experience continues to assist them to best reach their goals. 

If you have any questions about how to update your member page, contact Membership & Program Director, Lorin Boswell.

Welcome New Members

Elaine Anderson, AIA, Jacobs

Mary Aufuldish, Assoc. AIA

Breta D. Bishop, Assoc. AIA, Microdesk Solutions

Javier A. Buscaglia-Pesquera, AIA, MG2

Heather Casey, Assoc. AIA

Grace Choi, Assoc. AIA

Caroline Connor, Assoc. AIA, Hord Coplan Macht

Brian J. Donnelly, AIA, DLR Group

Ava Helm, Assoc. AIA, KGD Architecture

Samantha Ihle, Assoc. AIA, MTFA Architecture

Bradley Kaufman, AIA, Hill & Hurtt Architects

Gloria Kim, Assoc. AIA, E4H Environments for Health Architecture 

Leesa Mayfield, AIA, DFC-LMA Architecture

Rebecca Meyer, AIA, Beyer Blinder Belle

John McLoughlin, AIA, Hensel Phelps

Dominique Murray, Assoc. AIA, HGA

Rahul Nebhani, AIA, Moody Nolan, Inc. 

M. Celeste Novak, FAIA, Celeste Allen Novak Architect

Lori Arrasmith Quill, AIA, Lori Arrasmith Quill, Architect

Emily Savoca, AIA, HGA

Michael A. Travis, AIA, FGM Architects

Fulan Zhang, AIA, PGN Architects, PLLC

Congratulations to Our Recently Licensed Member!

Weonyoung J. Rho, AIA

Upcoming Events

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The Month Ahead

Get the latest list of continuing education opportunities, committee meetings and activities, plus chapter events.

December 15

Monthly CAE Firm Spotlight & Meeting


Join the Committee on Architecture for Education for their monthly virtual committee meeting. Learn more.

December 16

30 Days Remain until your AIA Membership Expires


Renew for 2023 now and check an item off of your to-do list! No need to wait. Renew today! 

December 26



In observance of the holiday, we will be closed Monday. Have a wonderful holiday season!

January 2



In observance of the holiday, we will be closed Monday. Happy New Year!

January 9


WIA Monthly Meeting

Join the Women in Architecture Committee (WIA) for their monthly virtual committee meeting. Learn more.

January 9


Board Meeting

This meeting will be virtual. All are welcome to attend. Email aianova@aianova.org 

for the participation link.

January 2023


ARE® Prep Series Returns - Tentative Dates Set

Begin your journey! Join us as we offer monthly courses focused on each of the 6 ARE® test sections, plus an introductory kickoff session, “ARE® Roundtable,” offered in partnership with NCARB. Take the steps to make 2023 the year that you get licensed! Register today! Learn more. 

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