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On the Boards: Cyber and Engineering Academic Center

Renderings by Jacobs / Ewing Cole

2022, Volume LXI, Issue 1

From the President: Sonia R. Jarboe, AIA

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Get Involved with a Committee

At AIA Northern Virginia, our committees are the heart and soul of our organization. We have active committees and many opportunities to get involved. Not only are our committees integral at developing our amazing programs but they also provide a great opportunity to meet and network with other architects outside of your office. All of our committees are welcoming and are always looking for new members to join their ranks:  

• The Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) is concerned with the quality and design of all types of educational, cultural, and recreational facilities. It is a forum for architects, educators, and civic leaders that promotes the exchange of ideas, best practices, and resources around learning environment design, and connection between school design and local neighborhoods.

Architecture Lab is committed to provide educational support programs to elementary, middle and high school facilities within the Northern Virginia community.

• Every year Architecture Month organizes events for the celebration of Architecture Month in April with a goal of increasing the public's awareness of the important roles an architect can fill.

• The Communications Committee works with the Chapter Board, Committee Chairs, and Chapter staff to communicate with members, architects in the community, other allied professionals, and the public as a whole. Committee members also seek to help develop policies, structures, materials, and guidelines that support the Chapter’s messaging and outreach.

• The Community Service committee assists local community service groups, primarily functioning through Canstruction®, the creation of larger structures made of individual cans of food which are then donated to a Northern Virginia food pantry.

2022 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Sonia R. Jarboe, AIA


April C. Drake, AIA


Braden L. Field, AIA


Christopher S. Kehde, AIA


Manoj V. Dalaya, FAIA

Past President


Meredith L. Ellinger, AIA

Yuhui G. (Grace) Gan, AIA

Roland G. Lemke, AIA

Joshua A.W. McKenrick, AIA

Rebecca W. Mezny, AIA

Simone Saidel, AIA

James W. (Jay) Scruggs, Jr., AIA

Charles J. Todd, AIA

Anh Tran, Assoc. AIA

AIA Virginia Directors

James W. (Jay) Scruggs, Jr., AIA

Stephen R. Wakeman, AIA

• The purpose of this tri-chapter Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN) is to serve the unique needs of the Greater Northern Virginia/Washington DC-area architects who specialize in custom residential design by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and resources that affect the residential design practice.

• The Design Awards Committee is responsible for the yearly design awards program that recognizes and celebrates AIA NoVA Members’ achievements in design of the built environment and their commitment to design excellence in various practice groups.

• The Committee on the Environment (COTE) works to advance, disseminate, and advocate design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment.

• The Fellows Committee seeks to stimulate a sharing of interests among Chapter Fellows, promote the purposes of the Institute, advance the profession of architecture, mentor young architects, and be of ever-increasing service to society. 

• The Golf Tournament Committee plans and hosts the chapter's annual golf tournament fundraiser.

• The Historic Resources Committee is dedicated to educating, empowering, and advocating for the preservation and adaptation of historic buildings and downtowns. It provides members with resources for understanding historic architecture and construction, engages with policies regarding historic buildings and areas, and arranges tours of historic buildings for the Chapter and public.

• The Honors & Nominations Committee celebrates the service and accomplishments of our members and other allied professionals each year and works to perpetuate strong leadership of our Chapter. 


• The Legislative/ Government Affairs Committee works to create relationships with local and state legislators to further educate them on what architects do and what skills they bring to the table. It advocates for the profession, and advises the AIA NOVA board and members about legislation affecting our profession.

• The Schools Connections Committee provides opportunities for engagement between AIA members and students at schools of architecture, while introducing students to the AIA and why it is important to get involved after college.

• The Small Firms Committee is looking for someone to reinvigorate it. It identifies, deals with and suggests resolutions for issues shared across the local small firm community. 


Women in Architecture (WIA) strives to expand the diversity of the design professions to mirror the society that we serve, to promote awareness of the contributions of women architects, and to guide and encourage women to consider a career in architecture and allied fields.

• The Young Architects Forum (YAF) provides opportunities for emerging professionals to develop leadership skills within the AIA, to support and encourage them to obtain licensure, and to foster fellowship in the industry through mentoring, social and volunteer events. 

Have you always wanted to get involved but been unsure how to start? By joining a committee, you can expand your network, increase your opportunities and gain experiences that you may not have otherwise had. Committees are a great way to volunteer, meet new people and build your leadership skills. 

Now’s your time! Contact us at aianova@aianova.org to reach out to a committee representative or to ask more detailed questions about what a committee does. 

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Shape the Future of Architecture 

Guide changes to the way architecture is regulated by participating in NCARB’s Analysis of Practice!

This profession-wide study will explore how architects are currently practicing, how their work intersects with other design professionals, and how that work may shift in the years ahead. NCARB needs your input to guide updates to their programs and services—including the national experience program and licensing exam. Sign up to participate and shape the future of architecture!

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On the Boards

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Cyber and Engineering Academic Center

Renderings by Jacobs / Ewing Cole

The Cyber and Engineering Academic Center (CEAC) is located at the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. The project is approximately 137,000 GSF, and is currently under construction.

A joint venture of JACOBS/Ewing Cole, the CEAC fulfills the need for a state-of-the art collaborative cyber, science, and engineering facility where cadets can learn, experiment and innovate, enabling West Point and the Army to remain at the technological forefront. This facility will attract and train future generations of technically exceptional officers for the U.S. Army. 

The building design is based on the Military Gothic theme established throughout the West Point campus and provides modern interior spaces for three engineering departments. Our design brings West Point instructional facilities into the 21st century while expressing the West Point principles of strength, permanence, and discipline. This new facility design is based on a collaborative environment for cadets, faculty, and staff, fostering a project-based learning strategy. 


While this is an educational facility, it is located on a secure military campus and our design had to meet a variety of differing security requirements for both the instructional facility and the parking garage below, including structural components to resist progressive collapse. We were challenged on this project to design a modern education facility while incorporating it into the military gothic theme of West Point, all while maintaining the historic fabric at what will become the gateway of the academic campus as the first building you see upon entering the cadet zone.

Show Us Your Work!

We are always looking for projects to celebrate and publish. There are three sections to showcase our members’ work: On the Boards - Featured Projects - Sketches. Complete this form or email your materials to aianova@aianova.org to be featured in an upcoming AIA Northern Virginia e-publication.

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Asking the Right Questions: What to Ask Your Broker When Buying or Renewing a Professional Liability Policy

By Jonathan C. Shoemaker and Taylor T. Dolan,

Lee/Shoemaker PLLC

Whether you are renewing the policy you have had for years, considering a change in carriers, or buying a policy for the first time, diving into the professional liability insurance market can be daunting. There are many factors that should be considered when purchasing insurance: coverage limits, premiums, exclusions, deductibles, claims team and experience, and the ability to choose defense counsel in the event of a claim. Finding a knowledgeable broker is the first step. Does your broker understand your business and your policy needs, and do they have a strong working relationship with the community and carriers they serve? Once you’ve found a broker you trust, knowing what questions to ask them before settling on a policy and carrier is key.

Understanding the Policy

The prudent design professional should understand the policy being purchased. Most design professionals begin their inquiry into the policy by looking at the financial terms. What are the limits of coverage? How much is the per claim deductible? What is the annual policy premium? How does the policy compare to the insurance requirements in my current contracts and/or the marketplace for my services? Crunching the numbers to understand the financial pros and cons of different policies can help you choose the policy that best balances cost and coverage. But the numbers should only be a starting point.

In addition to understanding the financial elements of the policies, it is important to understand the scope of coverage, as policies vary slightly from insurer to insurer. What is included and expressly excluded from coverage under the policies you are considering? Does your firm need cyber liability coverage (probably yes!), and is there any coverage for this included under the professional liability policy you are considering? Can you bundle your policies (i.e., professional liability, general commercial liability, umbrella/excess policy, workers’ compensation, etc.) to save money and minimize potential coverage gaps? 

The prudent design professional should also ask their broker questions about the carrier(s) under consideration:

• What is the carrier’s AM Best Rating? AM Best is a credit rating agency focused exclusively on the insurance industry. They use a ranking system to depict a company’s financial health, which provides useful insight on a carrier’s ability to pay a claim and meet ratings requirements included in many design services agreements.

• What is the broker’s relationship with your carrier or the alternative carriers you are considering (to understand what leverage/bargaining power and other commitments they may have with the carrier)?

• What is the carrier’s approach to extending coverage for pre-claims and claims?

• Should you expect to receive a "reservation of rights" letter questioning points of coverage any time you report something to the carrier?

• What is the carrier’s approach to renewing a firm following a claim (i.e., will the carrier renew your policy if you have a claim under your policy)?

• What is the likelihood that the carrier is undercutting the market this year to land your business, but likely to increase your premiums next year at renewal time?

• If your firm regularly requests project specific policies or riders, how is the carrier likely to handle such requests (including how they handle requests for quotes and their average turnaround times for providing the same)?

Every insurance carrier will try to sell you on why they are different from their competitors, but your broker should be able to give you a reality check.

For design firms considering a change in carriers or coverage, it is critical to consider the retroactive coverage date and "prior acts" coverage. Professional liability policies are "claims made" policies, meaning the policy must be in place when a claim is made (not at the time the act, error or omission occurred). Some carriers offer policies on a “Retro Date Inception” or “RDI” basis. Be careful! This means that you have no coverage for any services that you provided before the effective date of the policy. Be sure your new policy provides an appropriate retroactive date, and covers prior acts, before you make the change.

How are Claims Handled?

In the event a claim arises, the prudent design professional looks to their carrier to effectively and efficiently guide you through the claims process. An effective and organized approach to claims handling can limit potential exposure and allow your firm to focus on its projects and client needs.

Understanding the reporting process and what happens next should be a key factor when purchasing insurance:

• Who will be your assigned claims representative(s) at the carrier in the event of a claim?

• What is your broker’s experience with the claims team?

• How does the claims team and/or claims-handling philosophy vary between the potential carriers? In other words, does the carrier take an aggressive and involved approach in defending claims or is settlement at an early stage the goal?

• How is a decision made regarding the appointment of legal counsel?

Perhaps the most important question to ask is which law firm will defend your firm in the event of a claim? Each carrier will have a list of pre-approved or preferred defense counsel they turn to in the event of a claim. If you have a law firm you prefer working with, you may be able to include language in your policy that permits the appointment of your preferred counsel in the event of a claim. When you’re able to choose your legal defense team (or at least have a say in the matter), you have the power to choose a firm that understands your company, its people, and services, so it can jump right into defending you at the onset of a claim and thereby decrease early expenses.


Before you buy a professional liability insurance policy, it is critical to understand the policy being purchased, to get to know the carrier you are entrusting to insure your firm, and to become familiar with the claims handling process. This will empower you to make an educated decision when purchasing or renewing insurance coverage and preemptively reduce the headaches and lost productivity often caused by claims.

Jonathan C. Shoemaker and Taylor T. Dolan are lawyers at Lee/Shoemaker PLLC, a law firm devoted to the representation of design professionals in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. The content of this article was prepared to educate related to potential risks, but is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice.

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Spotlight: Architecture Month

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Celebrate Architecture for the Whole Month of April

By Joseph McCoy, AIA 

Architecture Month Committee Chair

Every year AIA NoVA celebrates Architecture Month throughout the month of April and seeks to increase attention to the role architects play as a force for positive change, to educate people on the practice of architecture, and to engage people of all ages in learning about and experiencing the built environment. This year’s schedule of events includes tours, lectures, and activities for children and families. Here are a few highlights:

April 1 - 30


Architecture at its Best


An exhibit of award-winning projects by local architects. More Info.

April 5


"A Jewel in Appalachia"

Presentation and panel discussion with the architects, client, and filmmaker. Register Now.

April 9

Architectural Photography Tour with Alan Karchmar


Join the architectural photographer Alan Karchmar on a guided tour of this exhibition. Register Now.

April 10


Design & Build Activity for Families


Participate in a family-friendly design and building activity offered as part of the Torpedo Factory Arts Center Cherry Blossom Jubilee. More Info.

April 16

Lubber Run Community Center Tour

Join the architects for a guided tour of this recently completed community center with its unique design, integration into the site, and Net-Zero energy performance. Register Now.

April 22

Science Night Building Activity


Participate in a family-friendly design & building activity hosted by Mount Vernon Community School & Cora Kelly Magnet Elementary School. More Info.

Architecture Month Calendar of Events

A full list of offerings and additional details, along with information for registration (where required), can be found on the chapter website

Be sure to check back often as new events are added frequently.

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NoVA Members Making Headlines

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Institute For Defense Analyses designed by KGD Architecture and ARUP opens its new Headquarters

Photography by Sisson Studios

IDA Aerial Shot_low.jpg

The completion of the new 370,000 SF Potomac Yard headquarters of The Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) marks the conclusion of over a decade-long development process and a two-year construction, ahead of schedule and under budget. The new IDA headquarters will allow more than 1,000 employees to use mass transit and be within easy reach of the Pentagon, IDA’s primary client.

The construction started just before the pandemic, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the design team led by KGD Architecture and Arup worked while the building was in construction to identify and implement strategies that reduce the risk of virus transmission and build overall organizational resilience. 

For IDA – a non-profit dedicated to answering the most challenging U.S. security and science policy questions – safeguarding the health of staff and staying up and operational under hazardous conditions was critical. The design team deployed an array of resilience-building strategies, including interventions aimed at combatting the spread of infectious diseases. The implemented measures include enhanced filtration, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), humidification, and ceiling fan design for increased circulation, as well as 3D modelling of epidemiological scenarios and space usage patterns. It opened on January 25, 2022. 



Do you have news to share with the AIA Northern Virginia Community? Complete this form to have your announcements included in an upcoming chapter publication.

Hoffmann Architects Offers Staff Student Debt Relief

Hoffmann Architects, an architecture and engineering firm specializing in the rehabilitation of building exteriors, launched a Student Loan Repayment Benefit program to assist employees in paying down student debt. 

An initiative of Hoffmann Architects’ Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the Student Loan Repayment Benefit offers eligible employees an employer match reimbursement for qualified student loan payments made during the year, up to an annual maximum benefit. For 2021, ten Hoffmann Architects employees took advantage of the new program, and the firm contributed a total of $24,972 toward student loans.

To support Hoffmann Architects employees in paying down student debt, and to align with the firm’s commitment to attract and retain professionals of color, Hoffmann Architects has pledged to support employees with student loans by providing this new repayment benefit. The Consolidated Appropriations Act (“CAA”), which was signed into law on December 27, 2020, allows employers to contribute up to $5,250 per employee per year in loan repayment assistance on a tax-free basis. As the legislation remains in effect until the end of 2025, with the potential to be renewed thereafter, Hoffmann Architects plans to continue the Student Loan Repayment Benefit at least through December 31, 2025.

Irwin Testifies on behalf of AIA in front of Congress


Architect Katie Irwin, AIA, testified on behalf of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) on March 17, 2022, before the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress to offer recommendations for updating Congressional office space while maintaining its historic integrity.

“Promoting effective, collaborative, and healthy workplaces on Capitol Hill supports good governance, which benefits all of us,” said Katie Irwin, AIA. “We can be good stewards of these historic spaces while sensitively integrating modern updates to facilitate the technology-fueled pace of work.”

Irwin, a Senior Associate at Quinn Evans, provided the bipartisan committee with a starting point to assess and develop improvements to the U.S. Capitol and its campus.

FGM Architects and LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects Join Forces

FGM Architects (FGMA), an employee-owned firm, is pleased to announce that LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects (LEWA), a 19-person architectural studio based in Reston, VA, is joining our firm. Effective immediately, FGMA has a workforce of 165 architects, interior designers and other professionals. Our offices are located in Chicago, Oak Brook and O’Fallon, IL; St. Louis, MO; Austin, TX; Reston, VA; and Milwaukee, WI.

Christopher Kehde, a LEWA Partner, will be the Managing Director of the FGMA Reston office. He notes that, “LEWA’s culture and core values center on the idea that architecture and design can improve the human experience. We are excited to join with the FGMA team, expanding our collective opportunities to build communities and provide exceptional places to live, work, and play.”

Professional Practice

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Canstruction 2022

Join AIA Northern Virginia as we restart our Canstruction program with a build-out at Dulles Town Center (DTC) in the Fall. Email us so that we can gauge team interest & DTC can put aside enough building space for us. This is an awesome opportunity to team-build as well as to get your firm name out in front of an established clientele in a high-end setting. Join us in this worthy charitable endeavor! 

ARE® Prep Sessions - Still time left to register!

Make 2022 the year you get licensed! Join a determined group as we help to prepare them for the ARE® Prep exams. Learn in a virtual group & study and test when you’re ready! Register today!

The Crisis in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine escalates, and other humanitarian crises unfold around the globe, architects and the design community may be seeking ways to help in any way they can. Learn more.

ABI February 2022: Architecture firm billings continue to increase at a moderate pace

Architecture firm billings continued to grow at a moderate pace in February, with an Architecture Billings Index (ABI) score of 51.3 (any score over 50 indicates billings growth). This month marks one full year since the recovery began at architecture firms, following the pandemic-induced downturn that started in 2020. While billings growth has slowed from the explosive pace of mid-2021, the majority of firms are still reporting steady growth. In addition, inquiries into new projects and the value of new design contracts both remain strong, indicating ongoing interest from clients in starting new projects. Read more.

Looking for New Career Opportunities: Send AIA NoVA your Resumes

The Chapter maintains a resume bank for those seeking new opportunities. If you wish to include your resume in the resume bank, please send it as a PDF to jobs@aianova.org.


If you are hiring and wish to see resumes from the resume bank, email your request to jobs@aianova.org and indicate what experience level you require, i.e. student, 0-4 years, 5-10 or 11+, and we will email you appropriate resumes.

Membership Update

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Membership Reminder: NOW is the time REJOIN! 

As the March 31 renewal deadline ticks closer and closer, we’d like to make sure you can quickly and easily confirm your renewal, or renew online today. You can also renew by mail, following the instructions on your invoice, or via phone at (800) 242-3837 (select option 2).

If you are experiencing an extraordinary hardship, we should talk; there may be options to keep your membership active. You can also review additional information about the AIA Dues Installment Plan.

Please email NoVA’s Membership Director, Lorin Boswell, to set up a time to talk about options to keep your membership viable! 

Q1 Newsletter - ArchRes.jpg

Welcome New Members

Sami Abdelghafar, AIA, JACOBS

Emily Ashworth, Assoc. AIA, Hord Coplan Macht

Patrick Bartlett, AIA, DCS Design, Ltd.

Alina Bogovic, AIA

Lisa Bolten, Assoc. AIA, Brown Construction Services, Inc.

Jorge Daniels, Int’l Assoc. AIA, JD + A Design & Build, Inc.

Altankhuyag Dash, Assoc. AIA

Gaston Dietz, Assoc. AIA, OTJ Architects

Aarti Dobariya, Assoc. AIA, Torti Gallas + Partners

Brian Donnelly, AIA

Brian Earle, AIA, ZGF Architects

Ashley Edwards, AIA, INTEC Group, Inc.

Gary M. Fischer, AIA, Department of Veterans Affairs

Antoinette Ford, Assoc. AIA, HDR

David Goodenow, AIA, Dragonfly Landing

Adam Hale, Assoc. AIA, Cubellis, Inc.

Tesslyn Hamilton, Assoc. AIA, GTM Architects

Jennifer Harper, Assoc. AIA, Cooper Carry

Erik Johnson, Assoc. AIA, The Onyx Group

Kamyar Khozeimeh, AIA, Nira Architects Inc.

Arnold Lee, Assoc. AIA, AV Architects + Builders

Zulay Marti, AIA, Dewberry

Ghudaf Musharraf, Assoc. AIA 

Tina Paris, AIA, DTCI

Md Abu Baker Siddique, Assoc. AIA, GBR Architects

Jeremy Smith, AIA, Clites Architects, PC

Jackson Stephens, AIA

Keith Switzer, AIA, INTEC Group, Inc.

Charles Taylor, Assoc. AIA, Seal Engineering, Inc.

Alyssa Tope, AIA, Beyer Blinder Belle

Adam Urbina, Assoc. AIA, LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects

Paul Valesky, Assoc. AIA, Powers Brown Architecture

Devin Wilkins, AIA, WCRA

Michael Winstanley, AIA, Winstanley Architects & Planners

Jennifer Wolgamott, AIA, FEMA Public Assistance

Upgrading Member

Scot E. Chipman, AIA to AIA Emeritus

Upcoming Events

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The Month Ahead

Get the latest list of continuing education opportunities, committee meetings and activities, plus chapter events.

March 24


Innovative Pavers for Projects of Distinction


Earn 1 AIA LU | HSW credit by attending this continuing education opportunity presented by Hanover Architectural Products. Register now.

March 31


Legislative & Government Affairs Committee Meeting


Join us virtually for the first quarter meeting to plan events for the coming year. Come and be a part of this growing committee and lend your voice to advocacy! Register now to attend.

April 4

WIA Committee Meeting


Please join us on the first Monday of each month to plan upcoming events for Women in Architecture. Learn more.

April 5


Maximizing Tile Installation with Trim Profiles


Earn 1 AIA LU | HSW credit by attending this continuing education opportunity presented by Schluter Systems L.P.

Register now.

April 9


AIA Northern Virginia Board Meeting

Meetings are currently virtual. All are welcome to attend. Email aianova@aianova.org for the participation link.

April 9


Urban Sketchers

Come join the DC Urban Sketchers, WIA and YAF for a Saturday Sketch in Old Town Alexandria. Learn More.

April 11


AIA Northern Virginia Board Meeting

Meetings are currently virtual. All are welcome to attend. Email aianova@aianova.org for the participation link.

April 20


Workshop 1: Branding Yourself


The first of a 3-part series of the Women in Architecture Lecture Series. Register Now to attend 1, 2, or 3 of the workshops. Register Now.

April 21


Committee on Architecture in Education (CAE) Meeting

Join the Committee on Architecture for Education for our monthly committee meeting. Learn more.

April 29


J.E.D.I. IRL (Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in Real Life)


Join us for the next session of 2022 in a series of informal and off the record discussions of how firms are tackling J.E.D.I. initiatives. Register Now.

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