Celebration of Mom's in 2020
Post Mom's Day Stories and Advice
We hope all had an amazing time celebrating Mom!   For those who could not be with your Mom we hope you celebrated the memories of times spent together! Cherish all.
It was a different time for so many of us with the quarantine and safe sheltering in place. We did a first time ever family zoom from coast to coast and in between, complete with pets and wonky video screens and filled with love and desire to be together in whatever way we could.
Mother’s Day may mean different things to us all. But one thing’s for sure, mothers everywhere deserve our celebration everyday not just this one time a year.

As you celebrated or recalled past times with your Mom's we asked that YOU share advice or stories that you received or have given for our post Mom’s Day PINKK 2020 Newsletter!
Here they are!
Mom Story #1:
MOM: Maggie Bahler Rizzo's Mom
Be you! Do not let anything slow you down!
Here is a great story about my wild Irish mother. She was unlike any other mom and, in fact, unlike most people I know! From her green wig on St. Paddy's day to the fact she only drove red cars "because they go faster." She literally was pulled over by the same cop twice! She went to an annual art camp (because she took up painting at age 70, why not?) and took two-lane country roads to get there, a trip of approximately 10 miles. She was screaming down one of those country roads trying to get to her first class of the day on time and, you guessed it, she got pulled over. I think the cop was very surprised when she rolled down her window! Anyway, she sweet-talked her way out of it and received a warning to "slow down." Sure enough, one year later she found herself in the exact same situation....running late trying to get to art class and she got pulled over by the SAME COP!! This time, he just kind of chuckled (again, no ticket!) and as he walked away, he said, "see you next year!" or maybe she said it. at any rate, there was no one like pook! I sure do miss her.   

Mom Advice #2:
MOM: Kathy Jo Van's Mom
Best advice from my mom was the example she always set for me.
Fit, energetic, caring, giving and always thinking and doing for others first.
She taught us the value of early mornings and a good days work, to be healthy and proud of accomplishments. Even at 81 years old, just the other day she said “I can do it....I’m not a weakling”. She is an inspiration full of love and KINDness!

Mom Advice #3:
MOM: Lisa Simmon's Advice
"Don’t worry if your kids do not have girlfriends or boy friends and tell them not to worry. The having of them can be worse!”

Mom Advice #4:
Jean Tansor
You MIGHT be right.”
Easier to concede this as it works for all relationships including marriage.

Mom Advice #5:
Chris P
Find a competitive hobby because I am not going to “win” at being a mom… so at least on any given day I can win at tennis… then I do not channel my competitiveness into my children.”

Mom Advice and Story #6:
It's ok to seek out advice and listen to unsolicited advice from others and still do your own thing as a mom. Sometimes you'll get a nugget that will really help, and sometimes you'll hear things you'd never do yourself but will help solidify, in your mind, what you're doing as a parent. Many people seem afraid to take advice, as if it means they don't know what they're doing, but there are a lot of great ideas out there and you don't need to put the pressure on yourself to know all of them at the get go. 

Mom Advice #7:
“See the possibilities not the limitations."
When we are children it seems like anything is possible. The challenge is to help our children hold onto that as they grow up and know the world is filled with possibilities even when challenged.

Mom Advice #8:
“Get out of the way.”
Step back, let go and let your daughter soar. Trust you did a good job and the rest is up to her.

Mom Advice #9:
My mom always reminded me of 3 important things and I remind my children of the same: "You are smart, you are special, you are LOVED." Pretty simple, but if you truly believe this about yourself, you can conquer (nearly) anything AND you will be KIND to others. Lastly, my mother lived by (and attempted to instill in me) some words spoken by Helen Keller:
"True happiness is not attained through self-gratification,
but through fidelity to a worthy purpose."

Mom Advice #10:
MY MOM Beverly Golianis
“You can be and do whatever you want. DO THE RIGHT THING.”
I was raised by a single (widowed) working amazing mom who did it all and then some. Everyday. She is healing now from a fall off a 8 foot ladder ( do not get me started on that) which resulted in broken leg in 3 places that required emergency surgery. Luckily all happened a week before this shut down so we were blessed as we got to see her post surgery and she got in and out of rehab in nick of time.
She always had good timing. She is healing at home now - slow but steady.
She led by doing and showing not so much talking. That is true even now.
She showed me love and the combined power of Independence. Strength. Compassion. She has lived her life this way. 
I could not have been given a better mom.
Keep her in your prayers.
We will see her again soon and spring will be here too!

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