On the Horizon for 2020!
Happy New Year!

We are getting focused in 2020 as we enter the new decade together! There is so much to be grateful for as we choose our paths and journeys! For most of us 2020 is going to be a turning point. Because it is another chance to live tomorrow over again. A chance to reset, to decide what's important and what's worth working for and how you can invest in you!

Not necessarily a New Year's resolution - resolve is in short supply. But a choice to make the choice to learn to see more clearly. A chance to decide to decide and take the road that is right for you. It is the opposite of NOT seeing and of simply accepting things as they are. We are here to make the world a kinder better place and it starts with all of us. Each one of us matters.

We are devoting this 2020 year of PINKK to a series of workshops and events that can undo the status quo and better you and others if that is what you choose. We are offering a chance to see more clearly and even more importantly to learn to trust yourself to change things for the better.

This is a transformational time for us. Women are at the forefront of change, leading the change to reveal our purpose in life! We all want to make the world better by living our authentic personal purpose. The future just keeps showing up so let's see more clearly in 2020! Join us, won’t you?


EVENTS and COACHING and Workshops WOW!

  • ON LINE Workshop #1: The Second Act: How to reinvent your career into something you love! Thursday, January 30th 5:00 pm CST FREE for Members!

  • ON LINE Workshop #2 Mindset Mastery: How to generate mental agility in your career and life: Friday, February 28 noon FREE for Members!
Both events are member priority and fee for non members: We are thrilled to have Lisa Pachence, Life, Leadership & Career Coach and Professional Coach- Trainer conduct these workshops.
Eventbrites to come.

  • March WOMEN'S History Month: Let's GET PINKKED NETWORKING EVENT: Final Date and details TBD:(Discount for Members)

  • PERSONAL BRANDING WORKSHOP: Tell your story and build YOUR Brand Value prop:final dates and details TBD - led by Athena Golianis
FREE for PINKK Members!

  • PINKK Panel Inspiration Event: By Popular demand this returns -hear from amazing women that will inspire with their journeys and stories: Thursday, October 1, 5:30 - 8:00 pm (Discount for Members)
  • Nominations are being accepted in February

  • HOLIDAY KINDNESS LUNCHEON: Our tradition continues because you asked: Tuesday, December 8, 12-2 (Discounts for Members)


  • Our PINKK Mentoring Program will BE BACK! HUGE thanks to all who participated and to KJ Van for her leadership!
  • Based on our wrap celebration and feedback it was a huge success and lives were changed and we made an impact that matters. We will keep growing and learning!
  • It will be a 12 week program. Applications and details will be sent in advance
  • We will send out dates and information on how to apply to be a mentor or mentee in the spring. If interested contact and we will follow-up.
  • We are looking for volunteers who want to assist with the program implementation.

We are looking for volunteers who want to contribute to these events.
Please note: MEMBERS are
FREE and discounts for all offerings here!
We VALUE our members!


Our popular book is now out in paperback!
Proceeds go to PINKK programming so please consider purchasing and supporting our community. We are donating to libraries and getting into bookstores next in Q1.
Have you wondered how your personal story can affect and inspire others? Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts i s a collection of stories from real women that do just that.
In addition to inspiring you, we hope the book will also perhaps cause you to pause, reflect, and go ahead and write your own story. Be transparent, vulnerable and truthful as you share it with the world!
Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts includes…

  •  A captivating story in each chapter, written by a woman using one word that currently defines how she is showing up in the world. 
  • Stories with a foundation in kindness via topics like resilience, gratitude, bravery, perseverance, giving, hunger, passion, positivity and more.
  • Empowering you with the knowledge that the same challenges we all face will continue when good capable women do nothing. These stories break that mold.
  • True stories that are real, raw, and powerful. They’re here for you—with great love. Break out and share your true self with the world!
  • Here are the tools to help you do all of that and more. So, come fly with us and let’s soar together! 

You can purchase here:

  • LOOK for informal gatherings led my Michelle Lodl and other PINKK members starting in the spring!
  • If you have ideas contact us and tell us what you have in mind to lead or organize or how you want to contribute and build our community in 2020 together!

MONTHLY Memberships are now available on line.
GROUP and Corporate membership at discounted rates for three or more available NOW!
Also for those that renew we are still gifting a FREE membership at same value. Offer expires 1/31.
Sponsorship packages available NOW! We need sponsors to sustain our programming!

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