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Make a Global and Local Impact. Today

It’s possible that the coronavirus will forever change how we work and live in the world. You can be a change agent too. Self awareness and powerful kindness is paramount.
PINKK is a community built on connection and kindness and human interaction and the fundamental belief of women supporting one another. This is about HUMANS supporting other humans globally and locally.

As companies encourage employees to move to remote working environments, entire countries are being placed on lockdown and markets are becoming more volatile there is reason to pause. The future may seem bleak right now, but there are upsides. Yes. There. Are. 

In 1665, Cambridge University closed because of the Bubonic plague. Issac Newton quarantined himself at his childhood home. It was the most productive time of his life. He discovered calculus and the laws of motion. We can only guess on the extent of great discoveries, ideas, kind, good works and innovations and breakthroughs that could arise from this ongoing crisis.

You asked what can we do? We have some ideas! Of course we do.
Here is TOP 10 start on a few interesting ways people can come together (virtually):
  • Purchase gift certificates to local restaurants, stores, mom and pop, small businesses and brick & mortar retailers to provide an alternative revenue stream. Cha ching goes the cash register.

  • Host virtual happy hours with friends and family to bolster human connection. CHEERS!

  • Buy tickets to future community events to show support for the greater community. Community growth that will continue.

  • Offer grocery store runs or meal delivery to the elderly and immunocompromised. That is just kind.

  • Contribute financially to food banks for children who have lost access to daily meals during school closures. Need fulfillment that matters.

  • Donate to artists, performers, and venues to show solidarity and continue the celebration of the arts. The arts make us human.

  • Create wishlists for direct delivery to non-profit organizations and shelters that cannot currently receive in-person donations.

  • Provide online attendance options for classes, concerts, church services and more to connect communities to meaningful experiences.

  • Stream meetings with Zoom, LinkedIn, BlueJeans, WebEx, Go To Meeting, YouTube Live, Facebook Live. Others? We will do more of this soon too. Stay tuned PINKK members and friends.

  • Utilize services like: Motion Post streaming: interactive with live polling, chat box and even live call in services.

Here are TOP THREE PINKK selects that are doing good works right now to make the world better:

What is on your list? How can PINKK support you? Let's all try and be there for others in whatever way we can. We do not know what others are experiencing right now as we are feeling alone, but we are in it together.

  • We are looking into NEW online webinars in near future. More details to come as we prioritize member needs and wants. We are gathering input from valued advisors and team members and leaders. We will continue to be there albeit in different ways. MORE TO COME!

  • Out of an abundance of caution for your personal safety and well being we are POSTPONING our
at Park Hyatt NoMi on March 26.
The hotel is currently closed.
All who purchased a ticket (thank you) your purchase will be held and transferred for the future event.

  • PERSONAL BRANDING WORKSHOP: Tell your story and build YOUR Brand Value prop: final dates and details TBD - led by Athena Golianis
  • PINKK PANEL Inspiration Event: By Popular demand this returns -hear from amazing women that will inspire with their journeys and stories: Thursday, October 1, 5:30 - 8:00 pm (Discount for Members)
  • Nominations are being accepted NOW

  • HOLIDAY KINDNESS LUNCHEON: Our tradition continues because you asked: Tuesday, December 8, 12-2 (Discounts for Members)


  • Our PINKK Mentoring Program will BE BACK In April! Call for applications will go out in mid April.
  • It will be a 12 week program. Applications and details will be sent in advance
  • We will send out dates and information on how to apply to be a mentor or mentee next month as planned. If interested contact info@pinkknow.com and we will follow-up. If you choose the mentoring can be done remotely as we have had varied cities involved in the past for the pilot.

We are looking for volunteers who want to contribute to these events.
Please note: MEMBERS are
FREE or discounts for all offerings here!
We VALUE our members!


Our popular book is now out and discounted for month of March!
Proceeds go to PINKK programming so please consider purchasing and supporting our community. We are donating to libraries and upon request is available in bookstores.
Have you wondered how your personal story can affect and inspire others? Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts i s a collection of stories from real women that do just that.
In addition to inspiring you, we hope the book will also perhaps cause you to pause, reflect, and go ahead and write your own story. Be transparent, vulnerable and truthful as you share it with the world!
Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts includes…

  •  A captivating story in each chapter, written by a woman using one word that currently defines how she is showing up in the world. 
  • Stories with a foundation in kindness via topics like resilience, gratitude, bravery, perseverance, giving, hunger, passion, positivity and more.
  • Empowering you with the knowledge that the same challenges we all face will continue when good capable women do nothing. These stories break that mold.
  • True stories that are real, raw, and powerful. They’re here for you—with great love. Break out and share your true self with the world!
  • Here are the tools to help you do all of that and more. So, come fly with us and let’s soar together! 

You can purchase here:

OTHER THINGS PINKK: GO FORWARD with kindness today!
  • If you have ideas contact us and tell us what you have in mind to lead or organize or how you want to contribute and build our community in 2020 together!

MONTHLY Memberships are now available on line.
GROUP and Corporate membership at discounted rates for three or more available NOW!
Also for those that renew we are still gifting a FREE membership at same value. Offer expires 1/31.
Sponsorship packages available NOW! We need sponsors to sustain our programming!

Contact us for more info @

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