Wow it is already October and we are in the new crisp fall season, and still living in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic has changed so much about our physical world — how we work, how we live, how our children go to school. Less seen, but no less profound, are the changes the pandemic is spurring in our inner world. As our world has changed and there is so much polarization we sadly have seen kindness decline. Yet we are all still looking to kind our way in the chaos.

We as a society have historically experienced setbacks. I think 2020 was the year of huge setbacks and time for a pause for what I call the "great reset".
In spite of setbacks we all may be feeling, I encourage us to keep all in perspective, because in spite of all that has transpired, the world IS getting better. There are countless examples. One example that is most relevant to me and perhaps all of us at at this moment in time to think about is the rights of women. The women's suffrage movement was a decades-long fight to win the right to vote for women in the United States. It took activists and reformers nearly 100 years to win that right, and the campaign was not easy. It takes time. I encourage you all to use that right now and to vote and to be heard. It matters.

More good news is that we are growing and learning to be kind and compassionate and more human and we are looking for answers and guidance to do so. I know if you watched the presidential debacle previously labeled a debate, you may not agree, but we ARE searching...

Google searches for “prayer” began to skyrocket as the pandemic spread, doubling for every 80,000 new cases of COVID-19. Likewise, downloads for top Bible and Quran apps broke new records. We are looking to find answers.
The New York Times, Nellie Bowles reported on the trend of spiritual consultants in the corporate world. Yes really that is happening. “Employers are finding their workers atomized and agitated, and are looking for guidance to bring them back together,” writes Bowles. As one consultant put it, “people are showing up in the workplace with these big deficits in themselves when it comes to belonging and connection to the beyond.”
None of this should come as a surprise. The longing to connect to something larger than ourselves is universal. Always has been and it spikes during times of chaos. That is why community and places like PINKK matter now. It’s our relentless drive for meaning, for self-discovery, for self-knowledge, for becoming.
As the Quaker mystic Thomas Kelly put it, “It is a seed stirring to life if we do not choke it.” But in the midst of our frenetic lives it has been far too easy to choke it. All spiritual traditions have ways of nurturing it that are different, and yet very similar.
In Christianity, Centering Prayer, a form of meditation, was created in the 1970s by Abbot Thomas Keating. In a workshop, when a nun told him, “Oh, Father Thomas, I’m such a failure at this prayer. In twenty minutes I’ve had ten thousand thoughts,” Father Keating replied, “How lovely — ten thousand opportunities to return to God!”
 We never run out of opportunities. The problem is when we don’t take advantage of them. And the pandemic has only amplified the mental health crisis.

It is indeed true that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. And whether in the life of an individual or in the life of a community or a business, this moment of crisis, filled as it is with countless tragedies, is also the moment of the greatest opportunity for renewal. In these times we can do well to remember that the only constant is change and we can contribute to positive change by our actions and choices.

In The Art of Living by Thich Nhat Hanh he reminds us, "It's possible for us all to make good use of suffering to create happiness, just as a gardener makes good use of compost to make flowers." Indeed. As a gardener and perhaps like many of you, I have seen enough compost to know that is a truth.

Women, Burnout and the Pandemic
Women have always paid a higher price for our culture of stress and burnout, and since the pandemic began, that burden has only grown heavier. We’re in a time when three of our most important institutions — family, work and school — are happening in the same physical space. So we need to use the same systematic thinking we use at work to tackle our responsibilities at home. When we wing it, it’s women oftentimes it seems who end up paying the price.

All that is occurring now reminds me why PINKK is so important and to revisit our mission and our WHAT, WHY & HOW it is key to support one another.
PINKK is all about the support and building up of women in and from all walks of life. It is about giving back and using the talents we all have to help and be of service.
It is a platform that starts with our collective POWER bringing us together.
It is about INSPIRING all to do more and make the world a better place today and for the future.
It is a NETWORK of women who are the network and will net WORK and contribute to all learning from one another by providing KNOWLEDGE to others from our paths and our experiences. We have all learned that knowledge is power. And shared can become impactful at all levels.
Done with heartfelt KINDNESS and trust we can help to provide security and contribute to changing women's lives for the better.
With PINKK done right not one needs to ask or put out their hand because they each have something the other wants.

When women support each other great things happen!
Why and why now? Why NOT now?
There is huge need now both locally and globally to help those women in need both personally and professionally and that needs is pervasive and growing… not diminishing.
It appears that there is more need now for this than perhaps any other time in the modern world. Dignity and respect are paramount.
Those "in need' come in many shapes and forms. Getting at the truth/ reality is becoming more difficult now. Sharing and exchanging stories of hope and providing tools to succeed makes the world better.
The internet and social media allows for more transparency that consumers demand and the ability to create advocacy groups more readily.
With PINKK we have the platform and tool to help women do that!
A powerful idea sits at the heart of our country's identity. No matter who you are, no matter where you are from, every person deserves an equal chance to get ahead. But we need the tools to do so, especially women.
This will allow us to help create opportunities.
We tend to focus on our own needs and goals versus motivating other based on their needs and their goals. That approach yields extrinsic forces that rarely move people.
What we are talking about with PINKK is truly understanding what others want and then offering a solution with resources that matches women's needs.
The underlying principle enabling this approach to work is that in a very divided space one of the great insights is that nothing brings us together as a community more than helping others… and creating success stories that are relatable.
We have a responsibility now more than ever to be keenly aware of the needs of women and communities we serve and their viewpoints and their needs and find ways to be of service.

It is always incredible, powerful and inspiring to hear others and to be able to share YOUR own story in a kind place and to be heard and to listen kindly.
All PINKK live and online events, webinars, seminars, workshops: celebrate our varied and amazing journeys with a focus on well being, inclusiveness, sharing, story telling, mindfulness and inspiration and tools to achieve

We will support and grow our community through women sharing real stories and their journeys while providing inspiration, knowledge/ real time and virtual resources – including mentoring and coaching with all designed to help women succeed in all stages. We are looking to expand our offerings to younger women as well.

We consistently focus on each letter of PINKK and support our brand statement:
To women who want to empower and want to be empowered, PINKK is the first of its kind engagement, community building brand platform that provides women with resources to succeed, inspire, exchange knowledge & stories to help make the world a kinder more abundant, secure place for all women today and into the future.

How PINKK Will Reset with Kindness
Our platforms of engagement will be both established and experimental. While we will continue in-person events once the pandemic allows at the right time, we will focus our efforts towards online channels as means to connect, provoke, inspire, instigate, and galvanize and powerfully spread kindness through storytelling and conversation.
As promised we have been offering on line webinars and zoom meet ups to connect and inspire with PINKK community and friends on a regular basis now.

How can PINKK support you? Let's all try and be there for others in whatever way we can. We do not know what others are experiencing right now as we are feeling so much pain. Let's be good to one another. Reach out to me with ideas you want to share.

(Note: credit to Thrive Global for data, credit to Live Life Happily for the photo above)

I will wrap with this quote:
"Never mistake a women's silence for her ignorance, her calmness for her acceptance and her kindness for her weakness..."

Kindness will win. It must.
BE KIND to one another.



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Kindness will win. It must.
BE KIND. Love one another.

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