2021 Program Launch
Kindness and Knowledge in Action


We are delighted to officially announce that our PINKK Mentoring 2021 Program will launch as planned this month! We are accepting applications starting today!
As the Founder of PINKK, I am committed to making this a successful program for all this year. We are all in this together and committed to community support.

The ongoing pandemic and recovery reinforces our very real need for kind leadership and to be there for our community during these challenging times. It also further supports the PINKK mission of women supporting women from all walks of life. It matters.

Knowledge and Kindness are two key tenets of PINKK that are needed now more than ever. We hope YOU can be a part of our community. We have thoughtfully evaluated all and we will once again move forward and launch our program to meet the needs of our community.
We will be agile and adapt as we need to with virtual, on line or other accommodations and management as deemed appropriate. Of course, the well-being of our community is our first priority as always. This is no different. YOU can BE ANYWHERE and do this. We are expanding our reach and will accommodate all locations to be of service right now!

We are currently accepting applications NOW! Call for applications starts today!
Below is additional information on the program:
  • Applications and details available NOW @ PINKK Mentoring
  • April 1 - application DEADLINE.
  • Applications for both mentors and mentees are also below for submission in addition to a self-assessment which can help us determine how to match up the mentor and mentee teams.


  • Upon acceptance additional course materials will be provided to guide the process.
  • The program is offered complimentary for PINKK members and for mentors. For mentees there is a $125 fee that will be due upon acceptance into the program. You can DONATE and make payment here: MENTORING DONATION

  • Note: Junior membership is $75 and student is $35 so if you fit that category it may be more cost efficient to join and get all the benefits of PINKK membership. JOIN US!!! BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!

  • We also will grandfather in mentees from our 2019 PILOT and 2020 Programs and we are prepared to offer scholarships for those mentees that are in need. *Please note that in your application and we will take all into account as we want to be of service to all as best we can right now.

  • Program duration: 12 weeks.

TIMELINE with key dates:
2/5: Call for Applications
4/1: Deadline for Applications
4/19: Applicants will be notified of acceptance into the program via e-mail from PINKK leadership
Initial Matching of Mentors- Mentees by KJ Company, Life Loves Health Coaching and PINKK leadership
MAY 6: KICK OFF EVENT meeting for mentor pairs – finalize mentoring matches- note we will determine if live and or/virtual or hybrid closer to date
Mentoring pairs meet for 60 minutes for minimum of six (6) meetings.
  • It takes a community to do this. We are delighted that PINKK will again be partnering with KJ Van from KJ Company this year and with PINKK Founding Member, Tita Arroyo from Life Loves Health Coaching as assistant manager on the program once again! What a gift! We have amazing leadership and support for which we are grateful.
  • If you choose, the mentoring can be done remotely as we had varied cities involved in the pilot and can help guide the process.
  • Here is some useful information that we wanted to provide in advance given the current environment.
  • If interested contact or and we will follow-up.

We are all in this together! WE LOOK FORWARD to another successful mentoring program. PINKK is committed to being a resource and community of knowledge, inspiration and kindness for all who need it, especially during these challenging times. Onward!

Let’s do this together with kindness.
Kind regards,
PINKK Founder, Athena Golianis Walker


How PINKK Will Reset & Lead in 2021 with Kindness
Our platforms of engagement will be both established and experimental. While we will continue in-person events once the pandemic allows at the right time, we will focus our efforts towards online channels as means to connect, provoke, inspire, instigate, and galvanize and powerfully spread kindness through storytelling and conversation.
As promised we have been offering on line webinars and zoom meet ups to connect and inspire with PINKK community and friends on a regular basis now.


We will begin with our ongoing mindset of safety first and hold our events virtually and move into hybrid (mix of virtual and in person) and then later in the year more live events.

WORKSHOP: Healthy Habits Seminar: The 4 Secrets to Building Better Habits ( ON LINE via Zoom)
 Tuesday, February 23 5:00 pm CST FREE for Members!
Interested in having more motivation? Finding a new job? Getting fit? Springing out of bed in the morning? De-escalating stress and anxiety? Doing things when you just don’t wanna?
 All of these desires have one thing in common – they’re singularly dependent on building healthy habits. Further, COVID has flung us into an era of constant stress and unknown, and when we’re stressed our brains crave security and routine – two things that naturally soothe the nervous system and relieve stress.
Member priority and fee / donation for non members: We are thrilled to have Lisa Pachence, Life, Leadership & Career Coach and Professional Coach- Trainer back in 2021 to conduct this workshop.
February 28, 2020 from 1pm - 2pm JOIN us as we support ending homelessness for women in the Chicago area with our Team PINKK / LIFE LOVES Health Coaching second year participating in Winter Walk!
This Friday, January 22nd, Wintrust, Clocktower, and Jim & Kay Mabie will match the first $17,500 in donations, dollar for dollar!
Walk anytime, Anywhere - Please help us:
Fund raise to help Chicago's women who are homeless to have access to supportive permanent housing and safe shelter

Click above to Donate!
January 1 - February 28, 2021

March WOMEN'S History Month: PANEL INSPIRATION EVENT Online: Sponsored by and in collaboration with the
University of Phoenix.
March 25 noon - 1:00 (FREE for Members) Details on panelists and participants to come but mark your calendar!

Please join us for our PINKK Power Hours
Wear PINK. Drink PINK. Think PINKK.
Be part of PINKK online!
See you on Thursdays!
2021 Q1 Schedule: 1/7, 1/21
2/4, 2/18, 3/4, 3/18, 4/1
5:30 - 6:30
We will do Power Hours the first and third Thursday of each month through APRIL 1 for now.
Here is the invite and log in information.
Time: 5:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)    
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 303 421 273
PASSWORD: PINKK (new for 2021)


Our popular book is now out and discounted to make accessible to all!
Proceeds go to PINKK programming so please consider purchasing and supporting our community. We are donating to libraries and upon request is available in bookstores.
Have you wondered how your personal story can affect and inspire others? Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts is a collection of stories from real women that do just that.
In addition to inspiring you, we hope the book will also perhaps cause you to pause, reflect, and go ahead and write your own story. Be transparent, vulnerable and truthful as you share it with the world!
OTHER THINGS PINKK: GO FORWARD with kindness today!
  • If you have ideas contact us and tell us what you have in mind to lead or organize or how you want to contribute and build our community in 2021 together!

MONTHLY Memberships are now available on line.
GROUP and Corporate membership at discounted rates for three or more available NOW!
Also for those that renew we are still gifting a FREE membership at same value. Offer expires 1/31.
Sponsorship packages available NOW! We need sponsors to sustain our programming!

Contact us for more info @

In Kind Sponsors

University of Phoenix
Alice& Olivia
Harmer& Associates
Egan's Irish Whiskey
American Marketing Association
University of St. Francis
Comcast Newsmakers
Office: 312-268-2400
Cell: 773-592-0736
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