Inspiration is Abundant Even
in Times of Adversity
There are signs of spring and hope all around us even during these challenging times. Yes. It’s possible that the coronavirus will forever change how we interact and live in the world but nature perseveres and so will we. All in our own ways. We can find inspiration in one another and in so many places if we open our eyes and heart we can catch a glimpse!

Tonight Tuesday, April 7, you can catch a glimpse of April’s full Pink Moon. This full Moon—which is a supermoon, the first full Moon of spring, and the Paschal Full Moon—will be visible after sunset and reach peak illumination at 10:35 P.M. EDT.

Super Pink Moon: The Biggest and Brightest Supermoon of the Year
Before you get your hopes up like me this morning this “Super Pink Moon” won’t actually look “super pink”—or any hue of pink, really. The Moon will be its usual golden color near the horizon and fade to a bright white as it glides overhead. Thanks to the fact that April’s full Moon will be closer to Earth than either other supermoon in the series, it will be t he biggest and brightest full Moon of 2020! 

So Then Why Is It Called the Pink Moon?
Although we wish this name had to do with the color of the Moon, the reality is not quite as mystical or awe-inspiring. In truth, April’s full Moon often corresponded with the early springtime blooms of a certain wildflower ( Phlox also called Pink Moss) Thanks to this seasonal association, this full Moon came to be called the Pink Moon! It is sure to inspire.

INSPIRATION IS WHERE WE FIND IT... We may find inspiration for this new normal in poetry, philosophy, religion, art or nature. It will be different for each of us. 
We have all now been forced to pause. And during this pause, we are discovering that certain parts of life were not as essential as we thought — and just as important, rediscovering certain essential parts we had forgotten. It’s a kind of Marie Kondo exercise for our whole life, stripping away what is not needed and moving to our more essential nature.
As Pope Francis said  in the blessing he delivered  while praying for an end to the coronavirus, “It is a time to choose what matters and what passes away, a time to separate what is necessary from what is not.” 
As M.I.T. professor Alan Lightman  writes in  The Atlantic , history shows that periods of adversity yield new habits of mind. “The frightening COVID-19 pandemic may be creating such a change now — by forcing many of us to slow down, to spend more time in personal reflection, away from the noise and heave of the world. With more quiet time, more privacy, more stillness, we have an opportunity to think about who we are, as individuals and as a society.”
The coronavirus crisis has awakened something spiritual in us. According to the  Pew Research Center , a majority of Americans have prayed for the end of the pandemic — including 15% of those who say they seldom or never pray. Whether or not we belong to any religious or spiritual tradition, there is a renewed awareness of the need to take care not just of our physical health but our mental, emotional and spiritual health — to take care of our souls. At a time when the apocalypse is very much part of the conversation, Jacqueline Hidalgo, chair of religion at Williams College,  tells  The New York Times , “It’s not just about the end of the world. It helps us see something that was hidden before.” Indeed, apocalypse derives from the Greek apokalypsis, meaning unveiling or revelation. 
As philosophy professor Byron Williston  put it : “There’s this kind of stillness or suspension of everyday activity that has fallen upon us now. And I think that’s an opportunity for people to raise these questions about their life projects and what really matters to them.”
“What is a good life?” has been a question asked by philosophers going back to the ancient Greeks. But somewhere along the line we abandoned the question and shifted our attention to how much money and status we can accumulate. Now in this forced pause these big questions about life are creeping back into our consciousness. And the collective longing is growing to stop living in the shallows and recognize that life is actually shaped from the inside out — a truth that has been celebrated by spiritual teachers, poets and philosophers throughout the ages and that we are all now being called to rediscover.
Credit and gratitude to Angie Cominos Koehler for the PINK Moon inspiration and to Arriana Huffington for sharing her inspiration.

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