Powerful Real Stories Centered in Kindness
In this PINKK on POINT series to kick off the New Year we share powerful stories from REAL women that are centered in kindness... oftentimes kindness saved them or someone else. These are from women just like you and me that might not be famous or well known (yet) that demonstrate the power of kindness and storytelling. These are quick excerpts from our book that recently was released, Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts.
This is #2 in Series #4.

Alison Egan
Montessori teacher, mother, global citizen, influencer, kind soul and rule breaker


''Those girls that were by my side undressed me, washed me, brushed my teeth, dressed me into my pajamas and hugged me tight in bed while I was shaking with anxiety attacks during my mental breakdown in Cork. For that, I will be forever grateful for their kindness, love and empathy. I will cherish these girls forever. From there, my mum was called, and they rushed me to the Jonathan Swift Intensive Care Unit of St. Patrick's Psychiatric Hospital in Dublin where I stayed for two-and-a-half months of my young life.''

"Why are we all here? Because we're not all there! "

PINKK on POINT: Seeking help is kind to one's soul. Giving help is kindness to others. Both make a difference in the world.
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