Powerful Real Stories Centered in Kindness
In this PINKK on POINT series in the year of 2020 vision we share powerful stories from REAL women that are centered in kindness... oftentimes kindness saved them or someone else. These are from women just like you and me that might not be famous or well known (yet) that demonstrate the power of kindness and storytelling. These are quick excerpts from our book that recently was released, Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts.
This is #7 in Series #4.
Sharlene Jones
Coach, Writer, Trailblazer, Resilient Leader of Women, Mother of 3 daughters

RESILIENCE (and a love story?)
I want to be free to write a love story. Instead I am recalling what I learned from another life experience in middle school to counter the pain I feel from a story that predates my birth by 20 years. It was a story told to me about what the storyteller saw as a romance of his with a black woman in the 1950's. Tragically, her life was cut short by her violent murder - a murder in which she was beaten beyond recognition. He described it fondly as a romance, while I recognized it as sexual assault, exploitation and dehumanization. I was a cop in California. It is not like I have not seen crime scenes or am overreacting to a murder. I am black.
Like I said. I just want to write a love story but before I do I have work to do...

"Resilience is what gets me through. It is what I teach to other women of color to get them through too. It is my superpower and is kind because it is something we do for ourselves."

PINKK on POINT: Resilience leads to kindness and to the untold love story we all want to hear. Happy Valentine's Day and let's create love.
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