Powerful Real Stories Centered in Kindness
In this PINKK on POINT series in the year of 2020 vision we share powerful stories from REAL women that are centered in kindness... oftentimes kindness saved them or someone else. These are from women just like you and me that might not be famous or well known (yet) that demonstrate the power of kindness and storytelling. These are quick excerpts from our book that recently was released, Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts.
This is # 8 in Series #4.

TEW (a pen name)
Kind brave soul, daughter, corporate executive, friend to the world

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was napping after high school volleyball practice. My dad called me, and I remember answering half awake. I said, "Dad, I'm tired. Can we talk later?" He replied, " Sure, I love you." And I hung up. I t was the last time he spoke with anyone. Later that night he took his own life.
I always think back to that Tuesday afternoon when he called me, the last person he spoke with, and I hung up before saying, " I love you, too." Could those four little words have saved him? I will never know.

" No one is brave all at once. You may have experienced something largely traumatic like a death, an illness. a loss. A times you may have to be braver than you feel capable of being. Just take it one step at a time and ask for help when you feel scared or uncertain. There are times when you are braver for others and when others are brave for you. We're all in this together."

PINKK on POINT: Brave is saying I love you. Do that today and spread kindness.
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