Powerful Real Stories Centered in Kindness
In this PINKK on POINT series in the year of 2020 vision we share powerful stories from REAL women that are centered in kindness... oftentimes kindness saved them or someone else. These are from women just like you and me that might not be famous or well known (yet) that demonstrate the power of kindness and storytelling. These are quick excerpts from our book that recently was released, Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts.
This is #9 in Series #4.

Becky Blanton
Writer, journalist, editor, Global TED speaker, activist, survivor

I n 2006 I was living in a 1975 stripped out Chevy van in a Walmart parking lot in Denver, Colorado with my Rottweiler and my cat. I was homeless, terrified and bordering on suicidal. I was working two jobs about 60 hours per week and could not find affordable housing. My father had just died, I had quit my job as the editor of a small town newspaper and had no idea what would happen next. I just trusted that God had a plan and everything would work out. it did.

" Avoid seeing crisis as insurmountable problems. Change and life happen. You can't change that stressful and bad things happen. But you can change how you interpret and respond to those events. You just have to believe in yourself and that my friend, is the only resilience skill you really need"

PINKK on POINT: Resilience is strong. Strong is kind and powerful. At times we need to be resilient to be kind.
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