Inspiring Songs by Women and for Women #1
In this PINKK on POINT series, starting in March Women's History Month, we are honoring our women songwriters and performing artists that have inspired us over the years and even more recently. This is series #5 -and this is #1 of 12 in this series! We will feature legends and those that are "new legends" in the works that inspire with their talent and kind hearts.

This is # 1 in the series:
Linda Ronstadt
It's been ten over ten years since Linda Ronstadt the most highly paid women in rock and roll sang her last concert. in 2013 the world found out why: Parkinson's had rendered her unable to sing, ending a musical career that had left an indelible mark on the classic - rock era and earned her 10 Grammy Awards. Ronstadt's earth- shaking voice and incredible stage presence jolted her to fame in the late 60's, and her renditions of " Different Drum" (with her early group, the Stone Poneys) " You're No Good" from her her breakthrough album "Heart, Like a Wheel"), " Blue Bayou" and "Desperado" helped define the California rock sound. Along the way two of her back up singers left her to form the Eagles, by the way. But Ronstadt rocked it anyway. In her book she talks about being with Janis Joplin and what to wear and how to fit in...she did not know what or how exactly to be.

" We did not know if we were to cook and sew and embroider. Roles were being redefined. There were a lot of earth-mama hippies who knew how to do that stuff."

And on performing:
" I didn't feel like I could quite sing well enough. It was best when I forgot about everything and just thought about the music, but it took me a long time to get there. I didn't like the audience and did not understand why they would come. It's a different relationship than singers like Taylor Swift have. I think it's a healthier that they embrace their audience..."

PINKK on POINT: Create and sing and be the rock star you are whether you think you are or not. Roles do not define you or this legend.
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