Inspiring Songs by Women and for Women #5
We recognize the challenging times all are facing and we are committed to providing you all with kind inspiration and motivation.
In that spirit we continue with these PINKK on POINTS in the hope they can provide a positive vibe to your Friday's.
In this PINKK on POINT series, we are honoring our women songwriters and performing artists that have inspired us over the years and even more recently. This is series #5 - and this is #5 of 12 in this series! We will feature legends and those that are "new legends" in the works that inspire with their talent and kind hearts.

This is #5 in the series:

After graduating from the University of Missouri in the late 1980s, Sheryl taught music at an elementary school. On the weekends, she played music with her band. She started singing for ads and commercials, including a $40K spot from McDonald's.

From 1987-1989, Sheryl toured with Michael Jackson on his "Bad" tour, often singing backup on "I Just Can't Stop Loving You." She wrote a debut album in 1992 but agreed with her record label it did not merit release. In 1994, "Tuesday Night Music Club" was released with the smash hit "All I Wanna Do." This catapulted her into the music scene.

Sheryl released 8 albums from 1994 through 2010. In 2011, she separated from her record label and began her first country music project. She has recorded 11 albums in total, and her latest, "Threads," was released last year.

She is a warrior, not only navigating a high profile life with high profile (though private) relationships, but she has also survived non-invasive breast cancer and a meningioma brain tumor. She is a philanthropist and activist, supporting those in need and speaking out against government policies she believes to be wrong.

"Generally, when you let go of your vision of how something is supposed to be, the universe hands you exactly what you need."

"If compassion was the motivating factor behind all of our decisions, would our world not be a completely different place?"

PINKK on POINT: Be true to yourself, understand things will change, and we all can make a difference, and have fun!
COMMUNITY and story telling MATTERS!
Gratitude and kindness and peace should be contagious!
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