PIQE's Pilot Civic Engagement Program
West McKinley Church, Fresno CA
This eight session program was designed to actively engage parents in their community in an effort to promote positive change. Parents connected with local community organizations and had the opportunity to network with others who are passionate about initiating social and political change


At the end of the sessions, parents:

  • Became familiar with social changes throughout U.S. history.
  • Understood the concept of democracy.
  • Civic Engagement Recognized the importance of community participation.
  • Became familiar with different models of leadership.
  • Learned the elements of an effective strategy.
  • Became familiar with tools to organize and conduct effective meetings.
  • Connected with various community organizations and their campaigns. 
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Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)
Fresno Unified School District Office


As school districts begin working to engage parents in the LCFF process, PIQE would like to emphasize to school districts, the importance of making a concerted effort to reach and inform all parents. This includes those parents that are not traditionally represented at school meetings and those that may require additional support.

Left to right: FUSD School Board Member Luis Chavez, Lilia Becerril, Margarita Torres, Raquel Magallanes & FUSD Superintendent Michael E. Hanson.


Throughout the State, PIQE's 11 Regional Offices are working hard to ensure parents have an opportunity to give input and know how LCFF is affecting their children.

Most recently, on Sept. 23, 2013 the Board of Education and Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) held a special workshop "PRESENT and DISCUSS the Local Control Funding Formula".  FUSD teachers, personnel, PIQE and other Community Based Organizations attended.  PIQE also invited parents to participate.


Our Civic Engagement Graduates took an active role in providing Mr. Hanson with feedback regarding their thoughts about LCFF.

Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution
Oct. 22nd--Sixteen PIQE Parents and their children took part in the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Big Rig Tour.  Parents took this opportunity to learn a quick, fun and nutritious way to cook spaghetti and meatballs.
Many parents reported that they were unaware of who Chef Jaime Oliver was, or the partnership his foundation has with The California Endowment to bring food education, nutritious cooking skills and "real food" dishes to local communities.  Parents truly enjoyed this opportunity!

Rebeca Bustos, PIQE Civic Engagement Graduate stated, "I really enjoyed cooking a dish that kids love. Also, learning that there are healthy and low cost options was a plus! It is very important to be more educated in cooking healthy dishes to prevent obesity and other health related problems".

The School Success Express Tour
Edison High School, Fresno CA

PIQE participated in the LCFF Bus Tour where parents learned about the new Local Control Funding Formula.   Most importantly, this event offered parents an opportunity to share their recommendations of how Fresno Unified School Distirct should spend the additional funding they will receive from LCFF.  During the event, parents expressed disappointment on the plan Fresno Unified is proposing to allocate the LCFF funds, as parents felt it was not aligned to what the funding was intended for.  

"What I liked most about the event was to see the many parents participating and talking about how the new funds should be used. I learned that I am not the only one; that there are many parents with the same questions I have when it comes to Local Control Funding Formula and we are not being informed by the district. This event motivated me to inform my community about the Local Control Funding Formula.  As a result of this meeting, I am planning to encourage Fresno Unified School District leaders to focus the distribution of the extra funding to be used as specified under LCFF". -Lilia Becerril, PIQE Civic Engagement Parent Graduate


Another PIQE Civic Engagment Parent Graduate said, "I really like the opportunity to share my thoughts on how the money should be spent. I realized that if I do not get involved and participate in community events, I will not be informed of what is happening in my community. This event motivated me to learn more about LCFF so that I can better inform my community. After attending this event, I spoke to the principal at Addams Elementary School, to ask how she is informing the parents about LCFF. I really want my community to benefit from the new funding".- Rosalba Cardenas



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