October 5, 2022

Dear PIYC Members, 

As our post-Hurricane Ian analysis continues, I'd like to provide an update on our Marina and our Docks. We have made remarkable progress so far in evaluating the current situation. Our Club and Marina staff started contacting our insurance agent and Marine Industry partners during the storm which ensured we were the first stop for many of the important recovery efforts which have been on-going all week. You will be hearing more from Ali and Jake on individual vessel status as the week goes on, as the past five days have been focused on addressing vessels that were on shore and blocking access or in dangerously compromised positions on their lift.

1. Our insurance-appointed surveyor evaluated the docks yesterday. Our insurance agent and our rep from Bellingham Docks were there for the survey as our advocate. Initial report from the field survey is that our docks are a complete loss. The floating docks will need to be replaced in their entirety. Many of the pilings can be salvaged. All boats will have to come out of Floating Docks and likely the lifts as well at some point. 

2. Lifts are personal property and were submerged by saltwater including all electrical, panels and motors. They also experienced extreme stress due to rising and receding storm surge. Members should file insurance claims on their lifts if personal coverage applies.

2. I’ve been working to secure the right vendors to deal with serviceable and unserviceable boats and will be publishing information to our Members soon, but our boats will have to be removed for the foreseeable future. 

3. We have a lot of cleanup to do. Both the Marina and Club were seriously impacted and we are still trying to fully understand the extent of the damage. 

I realize that this update will raise many more questions. Please rest assured, we are working quickly to get this information out. Our team is still without internet at the Club, and have been working remotely at locations with hardware that they have access to.
Many employees are still addressing issues at their homes.

Some of the topics that we are working to produce specific answers for are:

  • Do I have to move my boat?
  • What is the extent of damage on my boat?
  • Where can I store my boat?
  • What will this cost?
  • How long will repairs take?

At this time, Members should expect:

  • To continue to receive updates from Club Staff and Members who are assisting with recovery.
  • Recommended vendors to assist with vessel recovery, transportation, storage.
  • To have to remove vessel in coming weeks or months and not have regular access this season.
  • Not to have water or power to docks.
  • Imprecise estimates for timelines as the entire local area works to recover from this catastrophic event.

While the focus of this letter is on the Marina and you will be hearing more from Commodore and our team in the coming days, we also have damage to the Club. Insurance adjusters will be evaluating damage there while our team works to coordinate restoration and repair.

As a final reminder, please stay off the docks to the extent possible. This applies to Members, boat captains and vendors as our docks are not safe to be walking on at the moment.

You are welcome to to contact me with any questions you might have.

Tom Friedman
PIYC Marina Committee Chairman