October 18, 2022

Dear PIYC Members, 
It has been approximately two weeks since our dock system was evaluated and deemed a complete loss by the insurance-appointed surveyor and similarly assessed by the other Marine Industry professionals that were onsite.
Our focus over the past two weeks has continued to be a multi-prong effort to address vessels that are compromised and initiate the immediate steps necessary to start the demolition and plan for the rebuilding of our floating docks. We are pleased to have secured a reputable local Marine Contractor for the demolition of our floating docks, which began last week. We expect this process to take approximately six weeks, during which time we will be evaluating the path ahead with our fixed docks and receiving proposals for the next phase of work. We have simultaneously been working to gain a greater understanding on the nature of damages to our fixed docks.
We have received a number of questions from our Members with vessels on the fixed docks, and many understandably anticipate that use of the fixed docks should resume shortly. While the damage to the fixed docks is not as evident to the casual observer, we expect all of the electrical will need to be replaced and brought up to current code before we will have power to the fixed docks. In addition, we are surveying the remaining fixed docks that do not appear damaged on the surface to determine how much, if any, can be salvaged. From a recent survey of the fixed docks and sea wall performed by our outside engineers, we know the pilings and deck boards are near end of life and the hardware is as well. Once we have a proposal from Bellingham for the replacement of all docks, we will begin working with the designers to evaluate alternative scenarios and possible phases of work that would be most cost effective and get the largest number of Members boating again as soon as possible. Here is a short update on where we stand today:

  • We have requested and are waiting on a proposal for the replacement of our entire dock system to include the electrical and other utilities.
  • The extent of the damage as we know it will trigger a requirement to bring the entire electrical system up to code.
  • We have further engaged professionals to evaluate the existing structure and provide a more detailed recommendation on component replacement requirements. We are waiting on the final report and outcome from our insurance company.      
Some of the topics that we are working to produce specific answers for are:

  • What will this cost?
  • How long will repairs take?
  • When exactly will the section of Marina I am in begin work?
At this time, Members should expect:
  • To continue to receive updates from Club Staff and Members who are assisting with recovery.
  • To have to remove vessels in coming weeks or months.
  • Not to have water or power to any docks.
  • Imprecise estimates for timelines as the entire local area works to recover from this catastrophic event.
While the focus of this letter is on the Marina, you will be hearing more from the Commodore and our team in the coming days on our progress regarding Club recovery and timeline to resume services. 
You are welcome to contact me with any questions you might have.
Tom Friedman
PIYC Marina Committee Chairman