MARCH 2021 - Quarterly Newsletter
Latest News From Picture Jesus with Us
I'm so glad winter is just about over and spring is right around the corner. Spring always brings thoughts of new beginnings and I'm hopeful for a
Much Better 2021!!!

I'm also Grateful for Easter and Ever Thankful to our Lord and Savior
God Bless You and Yours
PJWU APP Version 4.0
Coming Soon
We are in the Beginning Phase of Developing a New Release, which will have a lot more great functionality!!!

Fully Integrated Bible
Enhanced Word Search
Additional Images
More Fonts
New Image Effects

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Upcoming Events
I'm Looking forward to Bridgefest, Always Great Speakers, Music, Food, and Fellowship

BRIDGEFEST in Ocean Grove, NJ
June 25th & 26th
with Zach Williams

Hope to See You There
I'll Have Some Give Aways For You
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