Hope this email finds you well!

The main purpose of this email to to provide a summer programming update, specifically regarding the summer fitness program. As a reminder, all opportunities provided during the summer are optional, including the summer workouts.
We are excited to have a fitness program created specifically for our boys by Aaron Leventhal of Fit Studios . Read more about Aaron here . He has built us a 9 week program, broken into 3 week phases. No equipment is needed for the workouts, which will involve strength, conditioning, agility/speed work, and more. I've asked him to make sure our boys are prepared for the physical rigor of the fall season, and arrive ready to compete with the size and strength of players they will see at other top high school programs. We've used Aaron in the past and have always seen a dramatic decrease in muscle fatigue injuries from player that have dedicated themselves to working through the program
In previous years, we have done group workouts together, but at the current time we are not scheduling any fitness sessions as a group. Should the state move youth sports past Phase II in the #StaySafeMN plan, we will look into adding group workouts.

We are asking players to complete a registration to get access to the summer workout program. By registering, you will have access to a members only SUMMER WORKOUTS 2020 page on the program website - this page will not appear unless you are registered and logged in when visiting To register, please use the registration link below, or go the and use the registration link on the main page. There will be no cost for the program this summer.
Each 3 week phase of the program will be posted on the site as we go through the summer. You will be able to access the workouts on the page from a desktop or mobile device, as well as download and print the workout as well.
Due to the state protocols and limitations, we are NOT scheduling other opportunities for the summer at this time - this includes pick-up games, camp, and any player-led activities supported and promoted by the program, such as captain's practices. As mentioned earlier, if/when the state moves youth sports to the next phase in the return to play plan, then we will look at including some of these for the remaining portion of the summer.
For anyone interested, Laker Performance will be operating this summer as well - you can find more information about this additional strength/conditioning program option on their website, including their safety plan for this summer -
Final Thoughts
Now is a great time for the boys to sit down and think about the goals they want to accomplish - including thinking about what they want from the fall high school soccer season. If they have big goals in mind, then what small goals can they set for the summer to help them make progress? Are they willing to put the work in to achieve these goals? And most importantly, what are they doing each day to help that become a possibility?

There will be much more information to come this summer. We're always open to conversations if anyone has questions, comments, or ideas, so please feel free to reach out. Hope the boys are continuing to find the time to connect, and are also helping each other find the motivation to keep putting the work in. It's not easy, but we will keep working to become Better People, Better Leaders, & Better Lakers!