Hope everyone is doing well and that the boys are finishing up the school year strong. There have obviously been a number of challenges, but I hope the boys have also taken the time to think about the positives they will take from this experience. I'm sure there are a number of the things they have learned and will be better for moving forward.

The purpose of this email is provide an update on where things are for us right now. Please know there aren't many certainties at this time. We are going to need to be flexible as we approach summer, and may need to continue to do so in different ways this fall.
We will not be having a Spring Meeting at the high school as we have in the past. Instead we will try to communicate everything through email. Please see the information below and feel free to send any questions you have.
Each summer we try to provide a variety of options for the boys. We don't require any involvement, but want to have opportunities for the boys to get together, play a little, make sure they are physically prepared for the fall, continue to get to know each other, and have some fun. Please see the updates for each of the summer opportunities.
Summer Fitness/Workouts
We've been working over the past few weeks to create a plan to help the boys stay fit and arrive prepared this fall, but were also dealing with the uncertainty of what we'd be able to do this summer. So we reached out to our friends at Fit Studios. They are creating a program for our boys to follow that will start on June 1st. They should be able to use the program alongside their club soccer commitments, and it should be accessible for players to do on their own, in small groups, or together if allowed by the district, city, and state. More specifics to come on this as we learn what we will be able to do as a group this summer and get closer to June 1.

We are very excited to be working with Fit Studios again and know they will provide an excellent program for the boys. In the past, we've a large benefit not just in terms of physical preparedness, but also significantly less muscle soreness and injury during the demanding fall season.
Laker Soccer Camp & Summer Pick-up Games
At this time, we do not have a set plan for the Laker Soccer Camp or Summer Pick-up games. We've always used the Laker Soccer Camp as a fundraiser for the program, so of course we'd like to add something if possible once we understand a bit more about what summer can look like for our players. Stay tuned!
Registration and Tryouts/Team Placement
Registration for the fall season typically opens in July. An email will be sent when registration is available. Please note that the boys must be registered and have an updated physical on file in order to participate in tryouts.

The first day of tryouts/team placement is Monday, August 17. A schedule for preseason will be posted to the website and sent out during the summer. Any boys hoping to try out for the soccer program should plan to be present at tryouts and available for all practices and games during the fall season.
Prior Lake Boys Soccer Group on Schoology
It was great to see all the boys that jumped in and took part in the Leadership Challenges offered in the Schoology Group last month. We will continue to use Schoology as a way to provide information and also some opportunities to connect. All players should join the Schoology Group, but please know this is never used as the main method of communication.


If you have questions or need any help joining the group, please contact .
More information to come!
Please stay tuned for more information as we continue into the summer. The following topics will be addressed in the future:
  • Changes/adjustments that need to be made based on allowed participation
  • Registration
  • Specifics for preseason and tryouts/team placement
  • Program policies and standards
If you have thoughts, ideas, questions, or concerns, please reach out and let us know! If you'd no longer like to receive these email updates, you can unsubscribed using the link at the bottom on the page.

Look for Prior Lake Boys Soccer on social media, which we also use for program highlights and updates as well.

Hope everyone is doing well! GO LAKERS!