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March 22, 2017
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It's another busy week at CFEC.

Contra Costa Community College:  The CCCCD Trustees on Wednesday, March 22, will be asked to extend their current PLA, which expires in a few months. This college originally placed a PLA on its work in 2012 after we had helped to keep a PLA at bay for 5 years. You can read more about the history of this here:  Contra Costa Community College District PLA Threat 2006-2012 Please contact the Board of Trustees TODAY and let them know where you stand on this issue!

Santa Rosa Junior College: The Board of Trustees at SRJC held a PLA workshop last Tuesday on the issue of PLAs. After having used fair and open competition for the past 15 years on their bonds, the new board is comprised of PLA-friendly Trustees who appear ready to give big labor special interests a win. CFEC's Eric Christen was one of 7 anti-PLA presenters who went up against 6 PLA proponents. The Trustees, who had a chance to ask multiple questions to help them get into great detail as to what PLAs are and aren't, largely demurred. While frustrating, it remains to be seen what the Board's next steps are as they prepare to spend almost a half billion dollars on construction. Stay tuned.
College of Marin: The Trustees at CoM voted unanimously last Tuesday to have staff begin "negotiations" on a PLA for the college's recently passed $265 million Measure B construction bond. It will be up to staff to include fair elements into their PLA and it remains to be seen if the PLA covers all work or, like their last bond measure. just some projects.  Stay tuned. 
Martinez Unified School District: The MUSD Board of Trustees held a discussion on PLAs at its March 13th meeting where staff presented pros and cons. ABC of Norther California's Nicole Goehring was in attendance and spoke out against a PLA being placed on its remaining Measure K bond monies. The issue will be discussed at its next board meeting on March 27th. Contact CFEC today if you would like to help fight this and contact the board to let them know where you stand. 

John Fuller
CJ Cammack, Superintendent
State Center Community College District:  On Friday the Board of Trustees at SCCCD sat in front of a host of PLA opponents to hear why placing a PLA on the college's recently passed $485 million Measure C construction bond  would be a bad idea. CFEC's Eric Christen was one of many speakers who helped to educate the Trustees on the issue of PLAs, along with Nicole Goehring of ABC NorCal, local builder Joe Garcia, and many other workers, apprentices, and contractors. One of the most important parts of the meeting came when the SCCCD staff reported on the results of a survey they had taken regarding PLAs. Among other results, over 60% of local contractors told the board they would not bid work at the college with a PLA. A devastating number. Stay tuned as to where this issue goes next.  You can also read Eric Christen's editorial that ran in the Fresno Bee here.

Southwestern Community College: Last Wednesday the SWCCD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to have their current PLA cover their recently passed Measure Z. The Trustees appear content to suffer from reduced bidders, increased costs, and diminished bond value in their quest to placate union special interests. 
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District: At last night's Board of Trustees meeting  this PLA evaluation plan was presented to the board for approval. As opposed to most boards who approve PLAs only to never hear or see what the results of all the union promises really were, this college at least appears interested in holding PLA proponents accountable.

Sonoma County : We have learned from union bosses themselves that they are upset with the fact that as of today not one project put out to bid in Sonoma County has had a PLA placed on it. To try and "fix" this unions will be asking the Supervisors to lower the PLA threshold to $1 million. After years of keeping this PLA at bay  we finally lost that battle in 2014 . The good news is, again, no projects have actually had a PLA cover them! Stay tuned as we monitor this threat!

City of San Francisco:  A city-wide PLA has been in the works for years  and we have been helping to fight it every step of the way.  The issue is getting close to being heard by the City Council  and we need you to let us know if you are interested in fighting it. Please contact CFEC today if so!

San Jose:  The next meeting of the committee created to research a PLA for the City of San Jose will be this coming Monday, March 27th. 
City of Stockton: Did unions pressure the City of Stockton to mandate Project Labor Agreement on this Federally-Funded Street Paving Project? We think they did and  we caught them

Chula Vista Bayfront:  In what is anticipated to be more than $2 billion in work, we believe that staff at the Port of San Diego is trying to  pressure the developer of this project to sign a PLA . If you would like to help CFEC fight this please contact us today!