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April 5, 2017
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It's another important week in the fight to preserve open competition in construction and the right to work for   all  workers, as more cities and school districts consider implementing PLAs.

City of San Francisco:  TomorrowThursday, April 6, at 10:00am, the City's Local Business Enterprise Advisory Committee (LBEAC) will be discussing Project Labor Agreements (read the agenda here). We encourage all interested parties to attend this meeting and speak out against the PLA, and to contact the Board of Supervisors about why PLAs are not in the city's best interests. The city's own staff just released a report showing the PLA actually gets the city nothing except probable headaches. You can read it here. The Supervisors can be reached at:
City of San Jose:  The City's COMMUNITY WORKFORCE AGREEMENTS / PROJECT LABOR AGREEMENTS (CWA/PLA) TASK FORCE met on March 27th for the second time to discuss further the issue of PLAs insofar as how one would or would not be beneficial to San Jose. You can read the agenda here to see what was discussed. This process will run another four months or so at which time the committee will report back to the city council. Please contact the Council today to let them know how you feel about PLAs. They can be reached at:

Councilmember Sylvia Arenas
Councilmember Johnny Khamis
City of San Diego:  The City is, once again, looking to expand its convention center. They hope to hold a special election in November to help make this a realty. We will of course be working to make sure that a PLA is not part of the deal. Hopefully they will remember what we did the last time they tried to sneak a backroom deal by everyone. Stay tuned. 
Also on our watch list in San Diego is the $3 billion Pure Water procurement process that we know is also being targeted by union bosses for a PLA. Despite our PLA ban, approved by 58% of the voters in San Diego in 2012, nothing stops these guys from trying to hurt workers. Stay tuned here as well.

Santa Rose Junior College:  We are encouraging anyone who might consider working on the college's $500 million construction bond to contact the Board of Trustees about why PLAs are not in the college's interest. They can be reached at:
Clerk Dorothy Battenfeld             
President Maggie Fishman                   
Vice President Jordan Burns                         
Trustee Mariana Martinez                 
Trustee Don Edgar                        
Trustee Jeff Kunde                                      
Martinez Unified School District:  On March 27, the Martinez Unified School District board discussed negotiating a PLA. Union activists filled the meeting room. During public comment, Nicole Goehring of ABC NorCal brought up the fact that a letter asking board member Jonathan Wright to recuse himself because of his Teamsters union leadership position had been sent to the District by a law firm retained by ABC and CFEC. Wright stayed on the dais for the discussion, said he was talking to attorneys, and asserted he did not have a conflict-of-interest, which he clearly does as a business agent of the local Teamsters. John Loudon also attended and spoke. He also filmed and put up a Facebook live stream of the meeting (Facebook Video Link -- PLA portion starts at 3 minute mark). He praised Nicole for organizing an excellent presentation of diverse speakers, including a representative of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association. A special board meeting has been set on May 15 for the board to vote on negotiating a PLA. We are asking all concerned contractors to contact the school board to express their opinions on PLAs. They can be reached at:

With Republicans in control of Washington D.C. there is finally hope to be rid of PLAs on all Federally funded projects once and for all. The  Fair and Open Competition Act would do just that and it just cleared its first hurdle . Stay tuned!