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September 12, 2017
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Dear Supporter of Fair and Open Competition,
The level of Project Labor Agreement (PLA) activity across California continues to be relatively high. We are now at 95 PLAs having been considered since January of 2015. With so much going on it is essential that we have your help in fighting these discriminatory agreements. You can go  here  and contribute with a credit card today to show your support for CFEC and to help make sure that we have the resources needed to fight PLAs across the state!
To the update...

Santa Rosa Junior College: SRJC  will be voting on a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for all work to take place on their construction bond. We need you to contact them today to let them know what you think of PLAs and why they are a bad idea.
Maggie Fishman:
Jordan Burns:
Dorothy Battenfeld:
Mariana Martinez:

If you  are able to join us at the meeting here are the details:
When:   Tuesday, September 12 at 4:00pm
1501 Mendocino Avenue., Santa Rosa, California
Support our efforts by going to our  website or  Facebook page!
Contra Costa Community College District: CCCCD approved a PLA on its bond work in 2012. Since then it has been nothing but a disaster for them, which is stunning we know. On Wednesday, September 13, the Board of Trustees will hear a report from an ad hoc committee that was created to review the PLA and its impact on District construction. CFEC and our allies will of course be educating the board as to what that impact has been. Details of the meeting can be found  here
Anaheim Elementary School District: The AESD will be holding a study session on PLAs on Wednesday, September 13, at 4:30pm. You can view details of the meeting  here. CFEC has been working to educate the board as to the downside of PLAs and will do so again at this meeting. 
Palmdale School District: Last week the PSD Board of Trustees chose to side with big labor special interests and against workers and taxpayers  when they approved a PLA for work to take place on Measure GG.

City of Stockton:  Local union bosses felt compelled to respond to CFEC's Eric Christen and his editorial that ran in the city's largest newspaper with an editorial of their own. Sadly it was nothing but attacks on Eric and half-truths masquerading as facts. The PLA in Stockton has already been a failure for and no amount of alternative facts will be able to hide that fact. 

City of San Jose:  The City of San Jose's Sub Committee on PLAs has completed its work and will next present its findings to the City Council at the end of September. What we need contractors to do who are interested in bidding future work in the city is to contact key members of the council and let them know why you stand opposed to PLAs in San Jose. Do this TODAY!

Please reach out to Vice Mayor Carrasco and Councilmember Jones to let them know the impacts.  This is critical.
Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco, District 5
Ph: (408) 535-4905
Chief of Staff email:

Charles "Chappie" Jones, District 1
Ph: (408) 535-4901

High Speed Rail Scam
Problems aplenty continue to plague the PLA covered HSR.  This editorial  ran in the Sacramento Bee and highlights why, in part, this project is doomed.

Community Choice Aggregation
Left wing and construction union attempts to take over all power generation and related construction continues to role across California as you can read  here  and  here . CFEC has been aggressively opposing the attempts by big labor to have PLAs placed on these new regional CCAs and we need your help to do it. Contact us today to learn how!