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January 12, 2017
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 Happy New Year!
Christmas is behind us. We have a new President. 2017 has arrived. But what a year 2016 was!
2016 saw these PLAs approved across California. 2016 also saw another 175 school bonds pass that we will now have to monitor for PLA threats. 
Needless to say we have our work cut out for us here at CFEC!
On to the report!
PLAs Defeated!
Martinez Unified School District: Two years ago CFEC and ABC NorCal led an effort to talk this school board out of placing a PLA in its construction bond after unions made a push to do so. To date there have been no PLAs implemented and in fact   another project was just put out to bid and won by a merit shop friend!  Great news! 
Napa County:   Napa County will seek bidders to construct a $17.2 million, 72-bed jail re-entry facility and they will do it PLA-free!  This is a huge victory that was made possible by CFEC and its allies like ABCV NorCal's Nicole Goehring and the Western Electrical Contractors (WECA) Richard Markuson exposing what was really being pushed by local union bosses. Great news!
Los Osos Water Treatment Plant: In 2003 CFEC took the lead on stopping a PLA for the Los Osos Water Recycling Facility project. Auburn Constructors   has now completed the project. Great job!

PLAs Implemented
The City of Fresno: The fifth most populous city in California - has surrendered to the power of union lobbyists in Sacramento. On December 15, the Fresno City Council voted 5-2 to require its construction contractors to sign a "Transformative Climate Communities Project Labor Agreement" with the Fresno-Madera-Tulare-Kings Building and Construction Trades Council on any project funded with the $70 million the city receives from the State's Cap and Trade scheme. Even the outgoing Republican mayor and incoming Republican mayor sacrificed fair and open bid competition and fiscal responsibility in order to get state grant money.  You can read more about this likely illegal vote and the underhanded way it came about  here as well as CFEC calling out the City Council  here . 
Because of this PLA, the first of its kind in the city in the 17 years we have been fighting PLAs, we at CFEC believe it is time to re-energize local stakeholders who at one time helped to pass a ban on PLAs in the city. We are scheduling a meeting in February and ask that you contact us to get more information. 
San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority:  On November 30th the Governing Board of the SFBRA voted 5-2 to approve a PLA on all work to take place with monies derived from the Measure AA taxes approved by voters in the 9 Bay Area counties. This is $500 million that will, assuming a PLA is agreed to, that will be off limits for many Bay Area contractors. Labor Issues Solutions Kevin Dayton did an excellent job exposing this backroom deal in local media like the  San Jose Mercury News and the East Bay Business Times.

City of Davis:  The Mace Ranch Project is coming before the Davis City Council again and we anticipate that unions again will threaten environmental greenmail unless the project is built union-only, which the developer has assured us will never happen.  Here is some background on this project and just what the union strategy is. Stay tuned! 
Staying with the City of Davis, CFEC has learned (see below) that the developer of this Marriot hotel project in the city   has also been threatened with greenmail unless they "agree" to a PLA. We will be watching this project closely. 

President Trump
Will a President Trump help us keep PLAs limited in California? Kevin Dayton poses the provocative question  in  this excellent piece while also giving a brief history of PLA Executive Orders going back to the first one in 1992, issued by George Herbert Walker Bush. Time will tell!