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July 26, 2018 
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 Dear Supporter of Fair and Open Competition:
We at the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction (CFEC) hope that you are enjoying your summer and staying out of the heat. Despite many people being on vacation we at CFEC are busy monitoring hundreds of public agendas weekly as well as constantly hunting for private projects that are being extorted into "agreeing" to PLAs. 
If you would like to help CFEC in our efforts to track and fight PLAs on public and private projects please consider donating today. You can either go here to make a credit card donation or you can mail a check to PO Box 1627, Poway CA 92074. 
To the report!

City of Sacramento: The City is getting close to imposing a city-wide PLA on all construction work. Thanks to CFEC's public record act request we discovered the PLA and we are now working to undermine the attempt by big labor special interests to make it harder for the city to get bidders in an already tight labor market. If you would like to see the PLA or be involved in our effort to undermine it please contact us today.
City of San Francisco: The City continues to be without a PLA policy despite union attempts going on 20 years now. The latest version is going through the committee process and if you are interested in helping to stop it in its current unacceptable form please contact CFEC today to learn how.
City of Oakland: Another city where big labor special interests have been trying to get a city-wide PLA put into place for 20 years is the City of Oakland. Last week the City's Public Works Committee   took up action on the proposed PLA. If you would like to help fight this PLA please contact CFEC today and learn what you can do.
City of Richmond: If there are poster children with regards to cities that are the face of urban corruption Richmond would be it. This East Bay city is not only constantly ranked as one of the highest crime cities in California  but is also one of the most fiscally mismanaged. So it is fitting that the union controlled city council there  has approved a city-wide PLA on all projects over $1 million. As Kevin Dayton's axiom goes, we can fight PLAs but what we can't fight is urban corruption. 
To further illustrate this, the city has also,  as part of the RFP on this proposed development, let it be known that a PLA needs to be part of the deal. Good luck getting that built.

Los Angeles County: CFEC and our allies have worked for almost 10 years to keep a county-wide PLA from being put into place here. While this effort has been successful there have been three PLAs placed on various projects over the years despite intense efforts to stop them. The latest is on the Rancho Los Amigos South Campus Capital Projects 

Water Projects
San Luis Obispo: The City of San Luis Obispo is looking to build a $140 million wastewater treatment facility and big labor special interests think it would be a great idea to give them an upper hand it building it. Two weeks ago the City Council took up the issue  and after just a single meeting decided it was time to "negotiate" the PLA with local union bosses.  CFEC is working with local stakeholders to make sure this does not happen and we ask anyone interested in helping to defeat the PLA to contact CFEC today. You are also encouraged to contact the councilmembers about why a PLA would be a terrible idea. 

Heidi Harmon
(805) 540-4137

Vice Mayor
Carlyn Christianson
Term 12/14-12/18
(805) 550-9320

Council Member
Aaron Gomez
Term 12/16-12/20
(805) 540-9053

Council Member
Andy Pease
Term 12/16-12/20
(805) 540-8133

Council Member
Dan Rivoire
Term 12/14-12/18
(805) 540-8812

Santa Clara:  When the Santa Clara Water Authority was created by the union-controlled California legislature there was language inserted into the bill creating it that required a PLA to be used on all work. It appears that is now happening as you can read here. 
San Diego: Pure Water in San Diego is a $2.85 billion "toilet to tap" project that has been targeted by unions for years. Demanding union-only restrictions on the work would of course mean higher costs from less competition, and more out of area contractors - the bulk of this type of City work is currently done by local, non-union contractors.
Tacking on union demands to use apprentices shuts out local non-union contractors and workers, and would certainly test Measure A -the 2012 voter passed ban on such discrimination.  If the city actually considers placing a PLA on this work you expect a legal challenge to follow, which would be bad news for everyone. With the moment of truth approaching when it comes to the timeline as to whether this occurs or doesn't we need to keep this work open for all!