We explored many facets of College life with our scholars in March, Pre-Covid. Our scholars created a plan to apply for college with a custom spreadsheet. They received scholarship information from Scholarshopmom and essay writing prompts to complete college essays. All students created a vision board to cement the PLAN for the journey to attain a college degree! Thank you for your donations to our bowling fundraiser to make this possible!

Once the pandemic hit we had to adjust our Teen Conference efforts into a successful six-week online series. We added a new workshop titled "Let's Talk About It" where parents, teens and college students expressed their feelings around the murder of George Floyd and social injustice. It was a much needed conversation led by our Community Image Award recipient, Jerome Reynolds. A conversation that will never be forgotten!

Your generous donations to our GIVE100 & GIVELEGACY fundraising campaign allowed for 23 scholarships. With gratitude to Meijer's, we will be able to give our College Cohort care packages to support mental wellness and encouragement during these difficult times. We want them to know we are all cheering for their success!

The pandemic did not stop us from serving 150+ students this year. Donate above so that we can continue to provide quality resources and development to our youth in 2021.