Monday Meeting, March 22, 2021
11:30 AM Breakout |Noon Meeting

Hans & Nick's Excellent Adventure

Hans and Nick Schippers are on a mission to inspire change. 

In 2019, Hans and Nick, two brothers in their twenties from Kingston, boarded a customized school bus—their new home—and embarked on a journey.

There was no set beginning or end—only a mission: to teach elementary and middle school students about plastics pollution. 

Nick says the idea for the mission came out of an “aha” moment while surfing one day off Oahu, “I got taken out by a wave only to resurface with microplastics in my hair, on my face, and in my mouth.”

Both men graduated from the University of Hawaii with Environmental Science degrees. Nick also has a Master’s in Environmental Policy.

The brothers got a loan from their uncle to purchase an old school bus, and their dad, a construction manager, helped them with the impressive buildout. And they were off.

To date, they have educated 20,000 students about plastic pollution and the effects on the marine environment, as well as, hosted over 50 cleanups. They have reached hundreds of communities in their beloved bus. Hans and Nick are currently working with Parley For The Oceans to help develop a youth program that impacts thousands around the world. 

At Monday's meeting, they’ll tell us about their journey and what we can do to help in the fight against ocean plastic pollution.

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In this week’s pre-session we’ll play a game called “Fictionary” led by Ginny Kaul and Carol Reitz. They prefer to call it….. “Expanding Your Vocabulary.”

Each break-out group will be presented with a word. The participants will make up definitions and then you guess which one is right.

Will you be easily fooled? Join our pre-session on Monday and find out.


Very Cool Meeting

You won’t want to miss our March 29th evening meeting. In fact, you can sign up below.

It will be more interesting than your favorite documentaries on Netflix.

There will be seven presentations put together by famous BI Rotarians. You’ll be able to choose two of them. They include stories, photos, and videos you’ll never find on Amazon Prime, Hulu….or even Ted Talks.

Here are the titles:

Charlie Averill: Welcome to Bainbridge …….in 1946 

Dave Christensen: My 7-year Sailing Adventure

Allen Ferris & 
Marina Cofer-Wildsmith: Walking the Camino de Santiago..… a 600 mile stroll

Vincenzo DiCarolis: Adventures in Italy: biking, culture and food

Art Roth: Police-work - No weapon? No problem

Madhu Prakash: Let's Move - Learn Bollywood dance steps

Phil Toohey: Wine Library - What's in your fridge?

These presentations will be exclusive to BI Rotarians….before they hit theaters, apps, or social media. Sign up now at:

Team Sofa

No, you’re not already part of this team by sitting on the couch to watch March Madness.

 It is the Group led by Lisa Erickson, Ginny Kaul, and Carol Reitz to create the beautiful Origami Wings of Hope cards.

These cards have become more than a well-accepted gesture of thanks and inspiration…..they have become a collector’s item within our community. 

Want to help fold cranes, make some cards or donate supplies? Would you like a collection of the cards to hand out to a community care organization? Email:

Ginny imagines an old-fashioned quilting bee for Team Sofa to put the cards together. That would be OK for me as long as wine was included.

Auction News

Susie Burdick (Supreme Leader of the Rotary Auction) has provided us with an update and how we can help.

Volunteers – All department head positions are filled! But we need more Rotarians to work within each department.  

Email Susie or Rosemary Shaw at the links below to volunteer.

Sponsorships – One in* and more asks to be made.

BIG NEWS: The top 3 sponsorships at $5,000 will receive special expanded coverage in Kitsap Sun.

*Bainbridge Island Storage - $500 in storage

Online Auction software – 7 companies were interviewed with 2 under consideration. A final decision will be made in the coming week.

Auction Website – It’s been redone and migrated to a more accessible platform. Going live soon!

Marketing – Underway with a well-developed and achievable plan! The buzz on the street, on social media, and in print ads is strong.

Onsite Cars & Boats – Still working to finalize this year’s location.

Goal – With added time this year, we’re working to raise $200,000!


Garden Party

We’re moving out of a long winter and emerging from COVID.

So let's go visit some amazing plants and see their gorgeous blooms! 

On April 13th, Adam Matschek, our Resident Rotary Rhododendron Baron will lead us on a tour of two amazing rhododendron nurseries.
First Stop, Chimacum Woods
2722 Thorndyke Road, Port Ludlow
One-of-a-kind species-oriented Rhodie sanctuary. Love, love, love this place. Old Bob will give tours, answer any questions and he has amazing plants for sale. 
Second Stop, Whitney Gardens
306264 US-101, Brinnon
Probably the best hybrid Rhodie nursery around. We'll be there just about peak bloom time. 

COVID Precautions - We're not out of the woods yet. Wear your masks and social distance.
Meet - 9 am on April 13th at the Park-n-Ride at Phelps and 305.
Plan on taking up most of the day. Bring water and snacks. 

Email Adam here if you'd like to attend. 

This totally explains Darwin's theory.

What a logical just took a few million years to figure out because half the time we weren't listening.

Aviation in Transition 

Rotarian Proctor Schenk talks with Reed Price about the history and state of aviation in our country and during COVID.


John Sloat brings much appreciated coffee to the volunteers at the vaccination clinic at Commodore School.

Lee Evans celebrated his 80th Birthday last week! Congratulations Lee and thank you for all you do and have done over the years for Club and Community.

Carol Reitz and Marcy DiCarolis getting ready for their second shots at the Senior Center.

Last week's speaker, Ken Riley, gave us an enlightening presentation about racism and the path forward.

Phil Toohey - the most enthusiastic volunteer at Commodore.

Dave Brown holds a winning magnum for his his donation to the "Pig."
A special shout-out to all the Rotarians who contributed at last week's meeting pre-session. We raised $3,450 to support the school lunch program here on the Island.

Congratulations to Joe Earnest, our newest member who was inducted at our Zoom meeting last week. Joe is Dave Brown's next door neighbor. You think Dave will share his magnum?

Art Roth, former homicide inspector for the Oakland Police Department, is no stranger to putting up tape barriers. A perfect job for him at the vaccination clinics.