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immigration unit in Orange County for just this type of crisis
PLC Relentlessly Fights for Immigrants' Rights and Access to Justice
Our clients are scared. Our own family members, friends, and neighbors are too. And we know each coming day may bring new challenges to the American ideals of family unity, inclusivity, and access to justice. At PLC, we stand side-by-side with our clients and their families to overcome these challenges.
Just yesterday, PLC staff attorney Diana Spix of our Immigration Unit won an asylum case for an unaccompanied minor.  Marleen*  and her family were relentlessly stalked, threatened, attacked and extorted by MS-13 gang members in El Salvador. Targeted at school as child recruits by the gangs, PLC's client and her younger sister were left with no choice but to seek refuge in the United States on their own. Today, we can smile alongside  Marleen  as she starts to realize her goals of getting a job and going back to school. We can even help nurture her dream of becoming an attorney. 
But while  Marleen's  recent victory makes her and her little sister happy, they still fear for the safety of family members who remain under threat from the gangs in El Salvador.  And, they are just two of the thousands of immigrants in Orange County who face similar challenges.
PLC will represent many others like  Marleen . We will represent DREAMers and their families. We will represent domestic violence survivors whose immigration status is tied to their abusive spouses. We will assist and represent lawful permanent residents seeking to become U.S. citizens.  We will assist those from the seven countries listed in the recent executive order as well as other refugees and immigrants from around the world.  We will fight for justice. That's why we humbly ask for your donation and support to keep our lawyers and advocates on the front lines of this fight for American values.
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*Client name changed to protect her family members.