My name is Inga Vickers and I am the Behavior Technician at Pine Lane. I run a program at PLE that is called Bear Den. The Bear Den is a place for students to come regulate when needed, take short breaks, have someone to talk
to and sometimes it is used as a reward.

I see some students on a regular basis however, this program is open to anyone in need at PLE. This is a stressful and confusing time for everyone. Being available for your kids when they need a little extra support is very important to me. During this time I would like to continue doing so remotely.

Please feel free to give your kids my email address if they would like to reach out to me. I can set up a time to either meet virtually via Hangouts or we can stick with email, whichever means they are comfortable with. Please tell your kids that I miss them terribly and I would love for them to reach out.

I will be available between 9am-4pm Monday through Friday.