Aloha, Republican:

Hawaii's Republican candidates are up against a mountain of Democrat Machine propaganda.
With the election less than two months away, it is time to show our brave Republican candidates that we are in their corner.
Republicans in Hawaii are frustrated that their voices are drowned out by a liberal media and silent Hawaii GOP.  HIRA Action has heard your concerns.
Hawaii Republican Action's advertising campaign is the only pro-Republican advertising in Hawaii during 2016.  On social media, our HIRA Action SuperPAC has cut through the local newsmedia filter to deliver a 100% pro-Republican message to voters.
HIRA Action speaks the language of local politics and we reinforce the message of our brave GOP candidates that change is needed in the islands - change at the state legislature, change at city hall, change on our county councils, and change in congress.
There are less than two months until Election Day.  Don't hesitate -- we are running out of time to impact the 2016 races -- make your immediate contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or more.  With your kokua, we educate and persuade Hawaii voters.  Please stand for Republican candidates, our Republican reforms, and for the future of Hawaii.
HIRA Action boasts the most social media followers of any Republican organization or political party (GOP or Democrat) in Hawaii.  HIRA's Facebook page grew 1,000% in the past 12 months because we talk about the issues, expose corrupt politicians, track the impact of failed Democrat policies, and give voice to the most promising Republican solutions.
Each week, HIRA Action's conservative Republican messaging reaches tens of thousands of island residents of voting age.  With our #1 vehicle for Republican messaging to Hawaii voters in 2016, HIRA Action's video about Djou's transit plan was watched by more than 76,000 Hawaii voters.  Our next "Vote Republican Hawaii" online video promotion is projected to reach even more targeted local voters . . . with your kokua.
Though the Hawaii Republican Party is financially insolvent and hijacked by liberals, every penny you contribute to HIRA Action goes directly to advertising to make our case against Democrats.  Not a single penny goes to "overhead" or "administration" or "office building" or "staff".  100% of your support helps turn the tide against 62 years of Democrat domination and helps turn Hawaii from a struggling blue state into a thriving red state.  Please donate today!

Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

Please donate to HIRA Action, the official SuperPAC for the Hawaii Republican Assembly, to support HIRA's work to educate voters about failed Democrat policies and about conservative Republican solutions for Hawaii.


Your kokua will help us continue to provide a voice for conservatives.
 Donate $10, $25, or $100 today to let the establishment know we're not going away.

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is the conservative standard-bearer of the Republican Party of Hawaii 
and the leading advocate for conservative solutions in the islands. 

We are not an official arm of the Republican Party of Hawaii (RPH). 
We are the conservative base of the Republican Party. 
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