May 20, 2022 |
As we near the kickoff to the Go Wheels Up (GWU) event, we wanted to provide as much detailed information in one place for all of our customers and tenants.

Please take the time to thoroughly review all of the information below.

If you still have questions, we encourage you to call the office at (512) 216-6039 or swing by so we can address all of your concerns.

While the City/Airport is not the producer of this event, we are the hosts; and a safely-executed, successful event is a benefit to us all.

If you know someone who would benefit by seeing this information but doesn't receive our emails, please feel free to forward it along! If you are receiving this email via forward, please subscribe to our newsletters directly.

  • 7:00am - runway run packet pickup
  • 8:30am - runway run starts
  • 10:00am - gates open to general public
  • 10:00pm - 3:00pm: car show & concerts
  • 3:00pm - 5:00pm: air show
  • 5:00pm - 7:30pm: main stage concert
  • 8:00pm - gates close

Tickets can be purchased prior to the event at or at the gate the day-of the event. However, everyone is encouraged to purchase their tickets early to help with the flow of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Current airport tenants should have received an email with a special tenant-only code good for two complimentary tickets. If you did not receive this email, please contact Stacey for more information. There are a limited number of complimentary tickets available so please do not share the code.

Complimentary tickets are also available for volunteers and their guests. Be sure to let the GWU team know you have aviation experience so they can fit you into spots where you'll be closest to the action!

While the volunteer tab has been closed on the website, the team can definitely find a place for last-minute volunteers, especially on Sunday. Please email Michelle directly if you're interested.
This year there will be a Runway Run 5k race! Below are the details for the race:

  • 7:00am - Packet pick up and day of registration
  • 8:00am - Race Reminders
  • 8:30am - Race Start
  • 9:30am - Course Closes
  • 10:00am - Awards

For more information and to register visit
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The actual event layout has been condensed to allow for additional parking on the ramp. It is important to note that this year, non-GWU golf carts will NOT be allowed in the event area. There will be golf cart parking available outside the main entrance if you'd like to use one to get to and from your hangar.

Outside of TFR times on each day, the airport will be OPEN to normal operations. However, a little patience may be required!

In our previous newsletter, GWU stated that traffic could be worked in and out during the TFR. That is no longer the case. If you plan to arrive or depart the airport please make sure to do this outside of the TFR hours (2:30pm - 5:30pm) Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28.

There will be certain times when aircraft may not operate under power in certain areas. Please follow the directions of Air Traffic Control and GWU staff. Your safety and the safety of every pedestrian on the airfield is our highest priority.

Aircraft that were parked on the ramp between the T-hangars and the CAF will be moved to the west side of the ramp (between Berry Aviation and the T-shelters). Aircraft will be relocated to the east ramp after the event.

Please note that aircraft camping is not allowed. However, GWU hopes to add camping to future events! If you plan on flying in for the event, it is recommended that you arrive as early as possible (by Friday is preferred) and contact Berry Aviation to ensure there is space.
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Anticipated NOTAMs include the following:

  • Ramp between Bravo and Foxtrot Closed
  • Thursday, May 26 - Tuesday, May 31

  • Special Event Notice (pilots to contact FBO prior to arrival for information regarding parking and ramp closures)
  • Thursday, May 26 - Tuesday, May 31

  • TFR for Airshow Practice (not published as a public event)
  • Friday, May 27 - 2:30pm to 5:30pm CST

  • TFR for Airshow
  • Saturday, May 28 - 2:30pm to 5:30pm CST

  • Runway 8/26 Closed
  • Thursday, May 26 (12:00pm) to Sunday, May 29 (8:00pm)

  • Runway 13/31 Closed
  • Saturday, May 28 (6:00am - 12:00pm)

  • Taxiway Alpha Closed
  • Friday, May 27 (12:00pm) to Saturday, May 28 (8:00pm)

  • Taxiway Bravo Closed
  • Friday, May 27 (8:00am) to Saturday, May 28 (8:00pm)

  • Taxiway Juliet between Runway 8 and Taxiway Charlie Closed
  • Friday, May 27 - 8:00am to 9:00pm
  • Saturday May 28 - 8:00am to 9:00pm

  • Runway 8/26 between 13/31 and 17/35 may be used for aircraft taxiing
  • All areas show in yellow on the map above will be directed via GWU staff on frequency 120.125

Visitors will enter Airport Drive and continue straight until directed to turn into Gate 3 (immediately after passing the Civil Air Patrol building). During the event hours, Airport Drive will function as usual with two-way traffic unless vehicles begin to back up onto Highway 21, at which point it will be converted to two lanes of one-way inbound traffic.

Main event parking this year will be located on the ramp between the ramp T-hangars and the ATCT. There will be parking attendants and security along the route to ensure vehicles and pedestrians stay within the designated parking areas.

When leaving, vehicles will be routed back through Gate 3 and out Airport Drive. Exiting via taxiway Bravo, runway 8/26, taxiway Juliet, to taxiway Kilo will only be used in the event of increased inbound traffic. In short, just follow the flaggers!

The ingress and egress route is shown in blue and the backup/emergency egress route is shown in red in the map below.

Also note the light yellow line on the map showing aircraft taxiing route of Juliet, Alpha, to ramp. Flaggers will be posted along the route to stop vehicles so that aircraft may taxi safely.

Tenants will be allowed access to their hangars along Airport Drive, however, you will need a ticket/wristband to enter the event boundary.

If you anticipate needing access to your hangar on any of the two days, please contact Stacey via email for a vehicle pass to be placed on your dashboard. The parking attendants will see your pass on your dash and you'll be able to continue along Airport Drive rather than be forced to turn to parking.
We ask that during the event, your vehicle be parked inside your hangar or in a striped parking area. There will be a lot going on and we don't want anyone not familiar with the airport to think they can park next to hangars. We appreciate your cooperation with this!
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Can I fly my aircraft in?
Absolutely. While the event is not technically a “fly-in” this year, you are welcome to fly your aircraft into KHYI to visit Go Wheels Up. NOTAMS and ground procedures will be available on prior to the event.

Can I bring my RV?
Unfortunately, no. In the past we have allowed RV parking but due to it being a one day event we will not be allowing RV parking.
Can I bring my golf cart?
While you will see golf carts on the festival grounds, these will be exclusively for staff and volunteers. Use of personal golf carts is not allowed inside the boundaries of the event. If you travel with a golf cart, you may use your cart with extreme caution to get from your RV to the entry gate. Designated parking near the entry gate will be available.
If you have mobility issues, every effort will be made to accommodate your needs. Please email GWU at and let them know you’re coming. They will do their best to make your visit fun and comfortable.

Can I bring my own chairs?
Absolutely! While there will be limited seating available in the VIP area, no seating will be provided for general admission. Feel free to bring a folding chair and find a comfy spot on the tarmac to watch the show.

Can I bring outside food or drinks?
Unfortunately, no. Other than water in unopened containers, which we’re allowing because of the time of year and the Texas heat that comes along with it, GWU cannot allow outside food or drink. There will be plenty of vendors on the field to accommodate all guests.

Will there be alcohol served at the event?
Yes. Alcoholic beverages will be served at several bars located throughout the event space. Please drink responsibly.

How do I become a vendor at the event?
Yes, food, retail and exhibit space is now open for registration, however space is limited and running out fast. Please fill out the form located at for more information.

Are my tickets transferable?
Yes. If you buy tickets and are not able to attend, feel free to sell them or give them away. However, conversely, please only purchase from the GWU website or someone you trust. There have been a lot of posts on the GWU Facebook page from people trying to sell illegitimate tickets by claiming they bought tickets but can’t go. This is a scam.

Is Go Wheels Up supporting any charities?
We’re glad you asked! Yes. Go Wheels Up is pledged to give a portion of net profits to three local charities: The San Marcos Youth Council, The San Marcos Education Foundation and the Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing.

Can I display my plane at Go Wheels Up?
If you’d like to offer an aircraft for static display, please contact Clayton Corn at with what you have in mind.

Can I fly in the airshow?
All of the airshow performers are professional pilots and contracted specifically for this event. If you qualify, please contact Clayton Corn at with details. The show this year is fully scheduled, but there may be space in subsequent years and GWU would love to know what you do.

If I purchase a VIP ticket, can my kids come into the VIP area with me?
Of course! Kids can enter the VIP area with their parents at no additional charge. Kids 11 and under are free, 12-16 are $15 for the entire weekend.
Airport Management: (512) 216-6039 or

Volunteer: email Mitch Royer at

Aircraft for static display, email Mitch Royer at

Airport businesses wishing to set up a booth free of charge email Mitch Royer at

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