Mastering Chi by Hua-Ching Ni

Gentle Movement and Quiet Sitting are Spiritual Cultivation
Chapter 16 

Treat stillness as movement 
and movement as stillness. 
Then you can maintain oneness 
during either movement or stillness.
Find movement in stillness, 
and stillness and movement. 
You can find self-dissolution in stillness. 
You can find self-dissolution in movement. 
One who achieves self-dissolution
in movement and in stillness 
unites with the Integral Way.             

“Language awakens the minds of people. Chi awakens the chi of people. The world needs both a truly awakening language and a truly awakening energy.”

Commentary to Hexagram 49 Gir, Revolution/Reformation p 514 



Thank You Chi Instructors and
Welcome to All who would like to become an Instructor.

As a CHI Instructor, your movement, cultivation, expertise, and love, serves as the foundation of the Ni Family Integral Way Taoist principles. You continue to be an inspiration which invites a new generation of College of Tao Instructors. Your teaching provides the tools which uplift humanity, create balance, and harmony by raising your Qi and Light. You become a beacon to guide others through these stormy times, plus you benefit your subtle connection to the Integral Way.  

The College of Tao continues to serve it's CHI Instructors, Mentors, and other Community members with love and support. Becoming a Chi Instructor benefits yourself and can change the world.

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Renewals for 2022 are beginning
September 1st thru December 31st 2021

When the shoe fits
The foot is forgotten
When the belt fits
The belly is forgotten.
When the Heart Shen is right
     For and against are forgotten.
Chuang Tzu The Art of Balance
Taoist invocations are a technique for the guidance of subtle energy. They cause the response of the universal law. Through the practice of Taoist invocations, one may experientially prove the existence of the spiritual realms for oneself. Practiced diligently and consistently, they will restore one’s mind and spirit to their original state of integrity and facilitate the ultimate realization of oneness with the Tao.”
From Chapter 9 The Spiritual Arts: Self-cultivation pp 107-109 
Master Hua-Ching Ni
Your Monthly Horoscope by Element
In the Chinese horoscope, September is governed by a soft Metal energy phase called Yǒu 酉. Just as trees are beginning to shed their leaves, September is the perfect month for us to begin letting go of the past, cutting back on obligations, and simplifying our lives. Metal energy allows us to enjoy relaxing meditation and other forms of natural healing that can help us move into a healthier future. Just as crops have ripened in the fields, our opportunities ripened over the summer and will come into maturity during the fall. Labor Day is right around the corner and the Chinese Chrysanthemum Moon will arrive on the 22nd. In Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum is revered as a symbol of vitality and longevity because it flourishes during the chilly autumn, at a time when almost all other flowers have withered and died. We welcome you to check out September’s horoscope for advice from the ancient prognostications of the I Ching: the Book of Changes to guide you toward a peaceful spirit, a vigorous body, satisfying relationships, a successful career, and healthy finances. Happy autumn!

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Taoist Horoscope Link for September: 

The goal of the symposium is to showcase integrative approaches to longevity medicine while inspiring and educating Chinese medicine practitioners with current research findings and clinical practice in the field of healthy aging. This year, the symposium will be held entirely online.
Speakers include Dr. Daoshing Ni, Dr. Mao Shing Ni, Ron Teeguarden and Ken Cohen. Click below to join.

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February 1-7, 2022

Regrow, Revitalize and Regenerate

(Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain)
Welcome to the 2022 College of Tao Retreat in the beautiful, natural setting of Temescal Canyon in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. 

This in-person gathering shall celebrate the Water Tiger year to accentuate the positive, nourishing and harmonious interaction between Water and Wood elements that is the perfect opportunity for personal spiritual growth and physical revitalization. 
We will be secure: Rapid Covid testing will be conducted upon guest arrival to ensure safety. Plenty of Fresh Air and Distance activities.
Connect your Spirit with Nature
Also enjoy, Early Morning Walks in Nature, Inspiring Talks by Dr. Mao and Others. Sunday New Years Celebration & Feast.
Cancer Prevention Qi Gong, Crane Style Qi Gong, Cosmic Tour Bagua, Dao In, Eight Treasures, Fascinating Feng Shui, Harmony Tai Chi, I Ching for Medical Diagnosis, Qi Gong for Weight Management and Tai Chi Sword, plus Bon Fire and Gathering, Sharing and Community.
(Something for Everyone)
Please join us for a week of
Transformative Health and Enlightenment.
Special 20% Discount for Early Registration 
Best Savings of $200-$235 off 6 day Retreat
Discount available Only to September 30th, 2021
Amira Kusala ,Associate Dean of the Mentor Mentor and Divinity Programs and Instructor for the Qi-Gong for Weight Management course will be leading the QiGong for Weight Management class, and The Sisters of The Heavenly Way gathering. She overcame cancer three decades ago using food as medicine. She loves to help others use this knowledge while valuing the beauty, proper cooking methods and tasty fresh flavors, in their own healing. All are welcome.
Sunday Renewal
with Dr. Mao & James Tuggle

Every Sunday at 7 am PST, Dr. Mao Shing Ni invites you to join in a spiritual renewal ceremony followed by a talk on how to apply the wisdom of the Integral Way to the Five Healths—healthy body, mind/spirit, relationship, work and finance. On alternate Sundays James Tuggle shall lead the Sunday Renewal sessions free for the College of Tao community.
Friends and family are welcome.
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Internal Growth Through Tao
Chapter 9, pages 156-163 and 167-169, by Hua Ching Ni

Master Ni, Hua-Ching, the 37th-generation practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Taoist Healing Arts, has written many well-known books on spirituality. Led by Dr. Dao, our monthly tele-study group is open to everyone. There is a wide range of experience in this group from newcomers to long-term participants. Together, we will explore Master Ni’s writings. Participants take turns to select a passage from his books so that as a group, we can delve into the meanings of his writings and how we can apply this knowledge into our daily lives

THURSDAY September 16, 2021| 5:30-6:30 PM PST
This Month's selection comes from Ed Sullivan:
Internal Growth Through TAO, by Hua Ching Ni 
Chapter 9, (p. 156-163 and 167-169.)The reason I chose these “Sobering” pages is that years ago I asked Hua Ching Ni how to avoid getting into an argument with people when what they were saying did not make any sense. He told me that “arguing was a waste of time because everybody’s right.“ I thought about that for a moment and said, “No, sometimes they are actually wrong.” He said, “No, they are always right. If you walked in their shoes and had their experiences, you probably would be saying the same “right” things!” 
When I recently re-read these pages, something clicked. On my good days, I am practicing “Spiritual Tipsiness” (true kindness), by dropping my energy from my mind into my heart, I am surprised how well it works. I think this is a lifelong lesson because I am still a novice at brewing the wine of wisdom. 

This selection is available from Taostar as a downloadable ebook & may be purchased on the Wellness Living Store website at: If you have any questions, please contact Peter Stege at:
DR. DAOSHING NI, is a 38th generation doctor of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine,
He holds two doctorates in Oriental Medicine and was awarded the American Fertility Association’s Dr. Joyce
Vargyas Visionary Award. Dr. Dao has appeared on theToday Show, provided numerous news/magazine interviews, and is a best-selling author.

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High Energy Days for September

Sept 6 new moon 5:51pm Ping Shen fire monkey month
Sept 20 full moon 4:54 pm 

Sept 3 Jia Yin
Sept 9 Geng Shen
Sept 13 Jia Tzu

Sept. 27 to Oct.18 Mercury retrograde
Sept. 6 pre retro begins 
Nov. 2 post retro ends

Doug Best
We invite you all to join us:
Every other Sunday Morning @ 8:15 AM Pacific Standard time, continuing September 12 th following the Sunday Renewal to carry on our lively discussion of the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. We will build upon the readings and discussions from previous weeks as we explore the cycles, transformations, and interactions of Qi that affect people internally and externally. James Tuggle will help us set our course and maintain our heading as he offers his interpretation of the materials we explore.

Everyone is encouraged to offer thoughts, questions, and resource suggestions as we continue this journey together. Life is ceaselessly built on rhythms, through yin-yang. The Integral Way can assist us in connecting with the universal cycles and living in harmony and balance with the flow of nature.

Make sure to reach out to Courtney @ for an
invite to Slack where we will post the meeting link, readings, date changes etc.

A Message from the Sisters

Quietness, gathering inwards, receptivity and clear awareness are some of the yin qualities that assist our capacity to relate with life effectively and compassionately.  These qualities also assist our ability to access the deeper wisdom, or natural intelligence, of life, and then use that wisdom to move outwards, create, and to solve challenges (more yang movements) that may arise. Women and men in the early communities of ancient China, and elsewhere, used the more inward yin forces to observe and realize that living in harmony with the essence and natural rhythms of life was the way to survive, thrive and subtly evolve.

Today is no different. But perhaps the call to return to living in harmony with life is evermore urgent now as our movements and habits create bigger and bigger Earthly ripples.

I chose these paragraphs below from page 663 of the I Ching to inspire us to pause, reflect and return to a meaningful union, a constructive and clear union with each other and the true nature of life.  At the very least these words can inspire our living to be more simple, genuine and clear, rather than confused, unstable and tense. In this way, we can contribute meaningfully and restoratively like the Immortal Pill of which Yo San spoke.

The Brothers of the Heavenly Way met on Sunday, August 22nd. It was a small group this month. We opened up our meeting with a reading of Chapter 11 from the Hua Hu Ching. 

Chapter 11 is a discussion about the difficulty of describing the Integral One. Such descriptions invariably cause a disintegration of one’s mind, which must be kept simple, plain, and untouched in order to truly experience union with the Integral One. We discussed how, unfortunately, modern human life is entirely lived on a scale of dualistic concepts in the mind. 

We then moved on to Chapter 12, where there is a wonderful discussion of the Sacred Altar. The Sacred Altar being the “location” where anyone practices the Integral Truth and expounds it to others. Great blessings flow in the direction of the Sacred Altar. Based on the example in the chapter, of a rich person dispensing their riches as charity, we discussed who receives a greater blessing: A wealthy philanthropist or a humble teacher of spiritual truth? Dispensing spiritual nutrition is far more valuable than financial nutrition.

Finally we discussed Chapter 13, Once again we were introduced to the idea of a continuum of dualistic concepts, from the small particles that make up the universe to the vastness of the universe itself. Yet both small and large are contained in the form of the Integral One. We talked again about the importance of teaching spiritual truth and influencing your circle of friends and family in a positive way. That may seem like a small act, but in spiritual terms, it is huge. 

To Join our next Tao Men's Group Please click link below
Time: Sep 26, 2021 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Cooking with Love and Wisdom 

How to Go From Junk Food to Health

Recipes from Secrets of Longevity by

Dr. Mao Shing Ni



This delicious dish combines the natural sweetness of dried plums with the pungent leek for a wonderful fusion of unique flavors and healthy benefits. A French-Canadian patient of mine from Montreal shared this recipe, which had been passed down in her family, a dish they often ate for Canadian Thanksgiving instead of turkey. My patient claimed it was her grandmother’s favorite, who lived to be 102. Combining the dried plums with the chicken helps break down the proteins, making this dish easier to digest. The plum itself has numerous benefits, including that it is high in vitamins, good for digestion, and helps keep the chicken moist. Quinoa is very high in protein and fiber, plus it cooks fast, tastes delicious, and is a very nice complement to the chicken.


My lovely wife adapted this dish from a Canadian friend of hers, who said this recipe had been in her family for some time. Her friend’s family was from British Columbia, a place where salmon is abundant. My wife added an Asian flair with the ginger-miso dressing. Salmon has so many health benefits with its omega-3s, especially when combined with the leek, which is good for circulation.



Millet is an under-appreciated grain in America, but very popular with the centenarians of China. If you have never tried this little yellow grain, you are in for a treat! Millet is nutritionally richer than wheat and has the bonus of being gluten-free. This recipe is a popular one among many centenarians, which is not surprising, as it is a nice balance of nutrients and healthy oils with beneficial herbs and spices.
Free virtual study group on zoom!

It's not too late to Join
Amira invites you to join our
Ongoing Free monthly
Study Group of the Taoist Integral Way
The Complete Works of Lao Tzu
as elucidated by Hua-Ching Ni
Tao Teh Ching and the Hua Hu Ching

5:00 PM-6:30 PM
On Zoom every 1st Wednesday of the month

As we read these books aloud, those who would like to read, may, while the rest of the group will listen, absorb and consider what is being read. Our focus will be upon reading and contemplating the depth of meaning of the ancient yet contemporarily relevant words of Lao Tzu. While we may comment and consider the material, we will focus less on an intellectual discussion and more on absorbing the depth of the sense and meaning of the words and how they might guide our lives.
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This book is the specific translation we will use and can be purchased at

Infinichi Life Coaching is led by Phillip Christman. Mr. Christman has worked with Fortune 500 and mid-size companies to advance and elevate organizational performance through individual achievement
Path Life Coaching is a distillation of ancient spiritual wisdom to help you find health, happiness and fulfillment in your life. The Path Life Coaching program is a system that involves one-on-one coaching based on the ancient Five-Element/Five-Health Paradigm designed for you to experience personal transformations that lead to powerful and positive changes in your life. The ultimate goal is achieving physical, emotional, spiritual, moral and financial health and balance. 
College of Tao’s Divinity Degree Program is Offering a New Course!
The College of Tao is happy to announce that a new Divinity Degree Course, Spiritual Messages of Buffalo Rider, a Man of Tao is now available! The text for the book is dedicated to those who are experiencing the roughness of internal and external elements in their lives and who have the positive intention of taming the wild buffalo of their own unrefined nature, as well as that of the world in which they live.
The cost of the course is $75. The text may be purchased in pdf form at the Wellness Living Store ( COT’s Divinity Degree Program offers distance learning courses for those that are interested in enriching and deepening their knowledge and experience of the Integral Way Taoist Tradition as transmitted by the Ni Family. This course, as are all of the courses, are actually open to anyone, even those who are not formally enrolled in the Divinity Degree Program.
To purchase this course, please send your payment to
To enroll in the course or to inquire about the Divinity Degree Program, please contact:

Amira Kusala
Divinity Degree Program Associate Dean
Please join us for the 2022 College of Tao Retreat at
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(Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain)

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Sue and Amira