NJAASC has been asked by the New Jersey Department of Health to be their communications partner for all ASCs in New Jersey, and most importantly, to assist and advise them on ASC matters in this time of crisis.  To that end, we are now serving as the point of contact with the Department on behalf of ASCs.

Here are some critical pieces of information and requests you should now be aware of:

  • Please disregard other queries for information or surveys that you may have received or that you may receive as the Department of Health has asked us to exclusively work with them to deploy any ASC-directed surveys or queries during the crisis. 
  • Please try to avoid contacting the Department as they are obviously very busy. Your questions and concerns should be sent to us and we will, in turn, forward them to the Department.    

The Department of Health has asked us as a first task to inventory the number of ventilators that are available in ASCs that may have to be deployed to hospitals throughout the State.  They would like to know how much lead time / notice would be required to make them available.   NJAASC thought it prudent to also include other pertinent information on the attached grid, as this other information will be needed in the event that the State needs to utilize ASCs for triage, beds and other uses.  

We ask that you IMMEDIATELY complete this grid and return it to Patrick Stewart at , so we can reply ASAP to the request by the Department.

In addition, NJAASC has been asked by the Department to formulate a list of procedures and the efficacy of performing them in all ASCs considering the crisis – and that will be forthcoming shortly.  I am sure you have seen these types of lists from hospital partners and the American College of Surgeons.  The Department obviously wants to utilize our expertise in recommending the types of surgeries ASCs should perform, as well as those that can be postponed.  This is very important so please look for another email from NJAASC shortly.

We need to all work together and as one voice in this time of crisis. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, I am available.

The Department of Health has also just requested as a contingency, if we could get them a list of personal protective equipment quantities and availability, and when and how they could get them from us.
We will be sending out additional information to all of you regarding this, so please watch for our communications.

Jeff Shanton
President, New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Office: 201-795-0205 x241
Cell: 201-637-9889