An Update from UUCM's
Re-Opening Implementation Team (RoIT)
Updated May 12, 2022
From Peter Arian and Rae Dumont, Co-Chairs of the RoIT

Dear Congregation,

We do our best to respond to the ever changing COVID information. We don’t like to change our recommendations, but it seems that once again, we must.

First, the official numbers of COVID cases are an underestimate of actual cases, because of unreported home testing. But numbers are rising.

Second, the data about long COVID are concerning, even in vaccinated people, or those who have a mild COVID infection. More answers are on the horizon, but not available yet.
Therefore we request that masks be worn by all during services, for your own protection, as well as to protect our community.

  • We will continue to offer a single 10 AM Sunday service, and encourage distancing in our well-ventilated sanctuary. And we ask that all who can, be vaccinated.
  • A space is set aside in the front of the sanctuary for families with unvaccinated children.
  • There will be hymn leaders in our services, at a safe distance. 
  • Attendees are welcome to sing, WITH MASKS ON.
  • Services will be live-streamed on YouTube and FaceBook.

We also want to make it possible for those with health concerns (for themselves, or for a loved one) to attend services in person, without increasing their risk of exposure due to aerosols produced by singing. 
Therefore, we will reserve some areas for those who are more vulnerable, whether to acute or to long COVID. Please ask the greeters and they will direct you. 

Religious Education:
  • There is one remaining RE class on our calendar. 
  • We would like to remind you of our procedures “In case of COVID”:
  • Health and safety assessments are done weekly- erring on the side of caution. 
  • Please contact Judith Hogan, DRE, (, if your child or youth has tested positive for COVID, and has been in close contact with any of our RE Activity Groups, OWL classes, or special events.
  • In the event of class/group exposure, class/group parents will be notified by email.

The health and safety of our RE students, families, and UUCM staff are our number one priority.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Care Team, a member of RoIT, or to the ministers.