For the  St. Therese Chinese Catholic School and Parish Community

Dear Friends of St. Therese Chinese Catholic School and Parish,

As you have heard, the Chicago Archdiocese is undertaking an effort to examine and re-align parish and school resources for growth and vitality now and in the future; this effort is called Renew My Church. Recently, several scenarios for the future have been proposed for the greater Chinatown/Bridgeport community. The Archdiocese is asking for feedback and input on these scenarios via a brief online survey. The link to the survey including the scenarios can be found here
These scenarios are still preliminary, and while each allows for St. Therese School to expand, we are very concerned that NONE of the scenarios adequately address the current role and the future need for the Chinese Apostolate at St. Therese Church

St. Therese Church and School both play a vital role as a place for faith, community-building and evangelization for Chicago's growing and influential Chinese community. We need the proposed scenarios to recognize this. 
What you can do:
  • Answer the brief online survey TODAY 


  • Review the proposed scenarios and view the video explaining the process (these are on the second page of the survey)
  • State your opinion on the proposed scenarios, including the need for the Chinese Apostolate to be addressed
  • Share this email with friends, family and members of the St. Therese community.
Thank you for your support of St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church, School and community.
In faith,

Ms. Cavallone
正如您所聽到的,芝加哥教區正努力研究並重整教區和學校的資源,以促進現在和未來的發展。這項工作被稱為 Renew My Church 。最近,為更大的唐人社區 / Bridgeport 社區提出了未來的幾項發展情景方案。大主教管區正在通過簡短的網上問巻詢問這些情景發展計劃的反饋和意見。調查鏈接包括在這裡找到情景。 (參看英文版鏈接)
這些情景仍然是初步的,雖然每項都允許聖德力學校擴展,但我們非常關注的是: 沒有一項情景方案能充分地解決聖德力教堂的中國傳教士的當前角色和未來需求。
聖德力教堂和學校在芝加哥不斷發展和在華人社區中發揮着信仰,社區建設和傳福音的重要角色。我們需要提出方案來肯定這一點。 你可做的是:·       今天回答簡短的網上問巻調查
·       審查提議的情景方案, 並參看視頻的解釋過程(這些內容在問巻的第二頁)·       陳述你對提出的情景方案的看法,包括需要解決中國傳教士的事宜·       將這封電子郵件與聖德力社區的朋友,家人和成員分享。 感謝您對聖德力教堂,學校和社區的支持。
Ms. Cavallone

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