"We all have a blind spot and it's shaped exactly like us." The amazing Junot Diaz said that at the Edinburgh Book Festival two weeks ago. He was talking about editing one's own work, but it got me thinking about my blind spot: my na�vet�. Because I genuinely believe Literary Death Match will be a TV show. 


I guess I'm the same Greater Fool (Newsroom reference!) as every single author who sat and risked typing a first sentence, or a director who risked picking up a camera. I don't know the future, but I hope this show is Literature 2.0's Catch-22, that it's our Citizen Kane. A tall order, but at the very least I know it's my Rushmore.


So here's my pitch: if you've ever seen LDM, and it unlocked something new in you, if you came and met someone lovely at one of our events, or were introduced to a comedian that changed the course of your crappy day, or saw a writer that read so well it ripped open a glorious seam, or made you race home and finish that short story, then please support our wildest ambition and pledge a few dollars to our Kickstarter campaign. If we succeed, we're taking you all with us on this journey, because without you - and this is obvious, if you think about it - we wouldn't be where we are without your past support. 


Help us take a stand against rickety-idealed, guilty pleasure reality TV to make something smart, subversive, strange, funny, and book-affirming. 


I know money's not plentiful these days, but if you can spare $10 or $25 or $10,000, please pledge now. I promise, we're going to make something special, that you'll all be proud to have supported.   


And here's something: I woke up in Boston this morning after an incredible LDM, fresh off a dream that Will Ferrell had signed on to do LDM TV: The Pilot. So, today, we're going to ask him. Why not? Plus, Diablo Cody (Juno; Young Adult) has signed on, which is some of the best news ever. 


I hope to see you tonight in NYC or tomorrow in DC or in Oslo on Saturday, or sometime sooner than later. But until then...


Help fund LDM TV: The Pilot on Kickstarter now!




Adrian Todd Zuniga


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