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October 2021 | Volume 16, Issue 10
PLM Ramps Up for Canada Pipeline
Construction Work

Pipeline construction work tends to have its own ebb and flow for when construction is at an increase or decrease. This is due to many reasons such as economical, environmental, and political – but let’s just go ahead and throw a pandemic in there and pipeline work truly becomes hard to predict.  

However, there is good news in the Canada region where they are currently very busy working on pipelines in various settings and is forecasted to be that way into 2022. PipeLine Machinery International (PLM), a global Cat® equipment dealer, recognizes the amount of work happening right now in this region, what’s expected in the coming year, and are prepared to meet customer needs.
Meeting Customer Needs
First, to do the work, you need equipment and not just any machine will do. Lifting, safety and technology requirements all must be met in addition to being the right equipment for your specific task. This past summer, PLM began executing a plan to move the needed machines to the Canada region - ready to go to work. 

According to Blake Shultis, PLM Canada account manager, the most requested equipment includes the Cat PL87 Pipelayer, Cat 349 Hydraulic Excavator, and the new next generation Cat D7 Dozer. The advantage to being a global Cat equipment dealer is that we can easily facilitate moving this equipment to where and when it’s needed.  

The second most important item to meeting customer needs in this region is the support of this equipment through the PLM Product Support teams. This means having enough heavy equipment technicians on-hand for maintenance, service, and repairs.

PLM has an incredibly high-standard team in place led by John Bilawka, PLM Canada Product Support Manager. They understand the pipeline industry, what it needs to keep your machines up and running, and takes the safety of the equipment and of everyone in and around it on the jobsite – very seriously. 

What’s more is that even when busy in the service facility, the PLM product support team continues to prioritize visiting with customers on their jobsite to address any challenges and present sustainable solutions.
The PLM Advantage
In addition to being able to facilitate moving the equipment to where its needed, PLM has a home-field advantage in that they have a location in Acheson, Alberta. Complete with service facility, equipment yard, and a pipeline parts division, PLM is situated to serve the entire Canada region.
PLM is also part of a worldwide Cat dealer network that is a valuable resource for equipment, service, and parts.
PLM is a global Cat equipment dealer formed to provide equipment and solutions to the pipeline construction industry. It is our goal for you to be successful. Contact us today regarding your equipment needs on a sale, lease, or rental basis.  

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